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For a stranger social software, the user's success rate on the above determines the software is not easy to use, the value of how much. Unfortunately, men and women are never easy to make friends with, depending on both their own quality and the skills of making friends, not just what social artifact you are using; Therefore, it is still hard to find the other half of the internet in reality. In other words, software only provides a way to make friends, not a decisive factor in the success of friends.

Mo, as one of the most successful strangers social software (more than 100 million users), there are many excellent design to guide the user's dating behavior, improve the success rate of making friends.

I. Promoting the use of authentic information

Strangers social diversity, some content-oriented, such as interest, social, social, picture social, this form of content is more important than the user itself, as long as there is quality content can produce very good interactivity. Like Mo Mo so to know the people-oriented social software, the user's own quality is the key to social success or not. But the reality is, many users like to use cartoon avatar, or casually a meaningless and unique nickname, this behavior is not conducive to show themselves, online is difficult to make friends success, unless the two sides are limited to discuss the topic rather than to mutual understanding. In this respect, the stranger from the beginning of the registration began to guide users to fill out the real information, encourage users to use the real name and Avatar, so as to improve the success rate of social networking.

Second, a wealth of personal data

The first step is to talk to each other, but at the beginning, strangers often do not know each other, there is no topic to chat at this time. For people who are not good at chatting, they may only think "hello/yes/what are you doing"? Such a trivial statement, which not only makes the other person interested, but also makes it feel disgusted (too many people ask each day), leaving a bad impression on each other.

On this, the Mo unceasingly in enriches the user's personal data, from the beginning 8 photos, to later hobbies, haunts, personal explanations, to today's books, movies, music, topics of interest, and so on, which makes the image of the user more plump and highlight the personal charm, so that strangers have more contact and the topic. A conversation is the first step to success.

Third, the reading status of the message and the prompt ringtones

Unlike acquaintances socializing, we chat with strangers, often very anxious to know the other side of the feedback, the other side of the speed of response to show how much people's interest in you, this is your decision whether to continue to maintain this relationship reference indicators.

Mo Mo very early has 2 designs, one is the message state. Through the read unread state of the message, you can get the attitude of each other from the side. For example, when the other person sees the news and doesn't reply to you, that means people don't want to talk to you, you can stop, don't waste energy, or the other person is chatting with you, but each time to wait for a while to read the news, it may be because TA is not interested in you or at the same time with many people chatting.

The other is a special message beep. In the case of iOS, most of the app's message notifications are using the system default beep, so that the single listen to the voice can not distinguish what news; the Mo Mo uses the unusual message prompt tone, the user hears the sound then may know is the MO to the news. This can remind users as soon as possible to reply to the message, give the other side feedback, thereby virtually improve the success rate of making friends.

Iv. reducing the harassment of strangers

Beauty is a scarce resource, so a stranger's social app faces a problem: the frequent harassment of female users by male users, which can cause women to feel insecure and escape from the platform (and women, of course, enjoy the harassment). In this regard, the MO in several places to buffer.

The first is the social etiquette prompts before the first chat. Every time you greet strangers will prompt users to maintain good social etiquette, do not send bad information, harassment and abuse;

The second is the stealth settings, in addition to the general status of online and stealth, as well as to strangers stealth and targeted stealth, both reduce the harassment of unfamiliar users, but also to take into account the needs of online social users.

The third is to avoid disturbing settings. Do not disturb time period can ensure that the user does not receive the information in the specified period, and feature reminders can be different message types to define whether or not to separate reminders. It is worth noting that the "stranger Message Reminders" in feature reminders are open by default, which also shows that the immediacy of chatting is particularly important for strangers socializing, and confirms the point above.

V. User Experience Improvement

In the old version of the Mo, and did not greet the concept; with the way of people looking for the rich, the user's exposure will be more and more high, and sometimes chat list will appear a lot of strangers information, the acquaintance between the information submerged in it, so interfere with the normal use of users. So, the new version of The Stranger will be the first chat message together, defined as Hello, and the use of the interactive way to improve the information processing efficiency, from the conversation no more afraid of it.

Vi. Maintaining a community atmosphere

The impression that the MO is with the iphone 4 and fire up, thanks to the small number of early iphone, the user is also generally high quality, but with the popularity of smartphones and the release of the Android version, MO became a popular social software, while the overall quality of the user down.

In the 5.0 version, the stranger added a "personal star" logo. Individual stars based on the authenticity of user identity, social etiquette, social assessment to come to a comprehensive, used to assess the credibility of the individual in the Mo. When the star gap is too large for two people, the lower-ranked side will not be able to interact with the high class. This has set a threshold for low-level users to avoid interference with the user experience of high level users; On the other hand, this also encourages users to follow the Mo Mo Play, and strive to improve their personal star, common maintenance of the good atmosphere of the mo.


Now the number of users in Mo has exceeded 100 million, is the most successful strangers social software, from the group, activities, MO Mo join, and then to the new slogan "There is always novelty in the side", see the MO is very ambitious, began to exert their interest in social networking and offline social. But the main line of the MO has not changed, all functions are around the location of this dimension, this point also and its logo meaning echoes (the location contains information). Believe that the MO will go farther and further!

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