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Today, Dwight Silverman will give you a little knowledge. When we buy a computer, do we choose 32-bit Vista or try 64-bit vista? Before you answer this question, take a look at this knowledge first.

The 64-bit version can effectively utilize more memory than the 4G-limited 32-bit Vista. As you can see from this sentence, 4 G is a watershed. Less than 4G of memory, 32-bit Vista is not mistaken, but more than 4G, you need 64-bit vista to take full advantage of such a large amount of memory. People tend to confuse "memory" with "Ram", mistaking memory for RAM, a misconception that many people pay dearly because they buy a machine with 32-bit Vista pre-installed with 4GB RAM or RAM. It was not until they bought it that they found it impossible to make full use of such a large amount of memory.

Memory: In the computer's composition structure, there is a very important part, is the memory. Memory is used to store programs and data of the parts, for the computer, with memory, only memory function, to ensure normal work. There are many kinds of memory, according to its use can be divided into main memory and auxiliary memory, main memory also called internal memory (memory, RTHK called memory). Memory is generally used in semiconductor storage units, including random memory (RAM), read-only memory (ROM), and caching (cache). Just because RAM is one of the most important memory.

RAM: The contents of the storage unit can be taken out or deposited on demand, and the speed of access is independent of the storage cell's location. This memory loses its storage content when it loses power, so it is mainly used to store the program which is used for a short time.

4G limits all installed memory totals, not just RAM. That is, your system memory (RAM), video card dedicated memory (RAM), PCI memory extensions, ACPI extensions, and other bits and pieces add up to no more than 4G. If you think that system memory is the only important factor, think again now. We can buy a 1G memory card or 1G of memory, of course, if there is extra money, you can also buy 3G of memory.

Many people do not know why there is a 4G limit, let's see how it is calculated:

The maximum memory capacity supported under 32-bit systems is:

232 = 4,294,967,296 bytes

4,294,967,296/(1,024 x 1,024) = 4,096 MB = 4GB

And under the 64-bit system, this number is:

264 = 18,446,744,073,709,551,616

18,446,744,073,709,551,616/(1,024 x 1,024) = 16EB (exabytes)


1GB (gigabyte gigabytes, also known as "gigabit") =1024MB,

1TB (Trillionbyte trillion bytes) =1024GB, of which 1024=2^10 (2 of the 10-time party),

1PB (petabyte quadrillion Word beat byte) =1024TB,

1EB (Exabyte Bai byte-byte) =1024PB,

If your system has 4GB memory or RAM and a graphics card with 512MB memory, then only 3GB around it can be fully utilized. If you want to change a larger video graphics card, or want to use 2 graphics cards for mixed fire or SLI dual rendering, it is best to consider switching to 64-bit vista.

Attached part of the original:

The problem with this statement was that it gives the impression of that "cut" when it comes to memory lies at The 4GB mark. Less memory than this and your ' re fine with 32-bit, but no more memory and your need a 64-bit OS to make advantage of it. The confusion arises because people take the term memory to mean RAM, and this can leads to some expensive as mistakes Le buy PCs loaded with 4GB or RAM and a 32-bit OS, only to later realize they can "t make use of" all "Ram they bought.

The 4GB limit refers to total addressable memory spaces and not just the RAM installed. It ' s a total made up to system RAM, graphics RAM, PCI memory range, acpiand a few other bits and pieces. And if you are so your system RAM is the only significant factor, I'm again. You can buy graphics cards fitted with 1GB or RAM, and if you wanted (and had the spare cash!) your could fit three of thes E Intoa System. Now, 4GB limit doesn ' t leave you a lot of the for system RAM.

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