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The author of recent time often listen to friends complain, why these people, how can not learn seo? Why is it so simple? They also asked me, how can I let them quickly master SEO? It feels like they're in a hurry. Very reluctant to delve into this aspect of knowledge. From a newcomer who doesn't know anything about getting to the top, he is a process. is from thinking-practice-summary-practice-Summary of the process. This one is a complete process of knowledge. The Novice study SEO has 80% is through self-study obtains, through what training or is the teacher teaches is little pitiful. For self-study SEO Here just say, I used to learn the method and experience bar.

It is difficult to learn seo well by self-study. You have to look for information from Baidu, and then read to him, and then to practice, whether it is the practice or the reading of data, are to get SEO exactly what. At that time I do seo a good habit is I will not understand the place to record down, and then find senior friends, let them help me to answer. I just share how I learned SEO at that time.

first, the code must be grabbed

The site's code is the basis of the foundation, you modify a template, you get a topic page, you need to use him, do not require proficiency, then you have to understand the basic code, to know how to see, change. If you do not have practicing, suggest you to build a local environment to install a website to practicing.

second, the key words to analyze thoroughly

What is the most valuable site? That's the key word, whether you believe it or not, he is. A website is an island, the key word is a bridge. A key word behind the station is a group of user groups, if you do not have the key words, do in-depth analysis you do not know what this group of people's needs, if your understanding is wrong then you will lose users, there is no conversion rate of flow. The word of speech must be in-depth analysis, to find out the user needs of these keywords, and then to meet them.

The planning of the key words, Maito. In particular, beginners must pay attention to planning good keywords. If your keyword is not good, then your optimization is to take the side. Planning good keywords can make you less detours. For economic reasons, choosing a word is a skill that involves economics and ranking.

third, update content based on requirements

Users to see your article, he must be in demand, your article at least to solve it a problem. If your content is very water type, do you think your article is valuable? Articles that are not able to resolve user requirements are spam articles. A5 article each is audited, eliminate the production of garbage content. The content of the article you need to start from the user's needs. To meet the needs of users is the best. Content is the soul of the website, do you want to become a shura?

  Four, for the site to continuously increase outside the chain

Outside the chain is the website indispensable. But it's not what the chain wants. We do not ask for more refinement. Outside the chain of the site's rankings and weights have a certain role. So the external chain of the site is indispensable.

Said so much. It boils down to two words: thinking. You only have to do it. To think about it. You can make progress, ask others thousands of bureau still can't resist to do one step. I hope this article for those SEO novice has some help.

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