Talking about the process of the new station from the on-line to the stable weight experience

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New station on line, whether it is Google or Baidu will give new station a sandbox period, sand box site ranking ability is very poor (low weight). During the sandbox period there are actually two stages: the period of collection and the weight determination period. After understanding the two deadlines, we will be able to roughly grasp the duration of a website and the ranking period.

Included period: (from the website online to the home page and included)

Search engine in the crawl site, the logical will first crawl home page, and then index to the home page, if the quality standards (whether the content is illegal, or in violation of national state) search engine will be the home page display (that is, index to Baidu's database, site can also be found out.) From the website on-line to collect, generally in 1-7 days).

There is a stage after the homepage is included, I call the site evaluation period, in this period, the site's internal page is not included (that is, will not index to the Baidu database) but the spider will not periodically to crawl the Web site content, and then quietly waiting for the site, observe the site will have changes, observe whether the site will continue to update, Judge whether the content of the site is standard (original degree, content is logical, whether fluent). If the site is not subject to change during the review period, there is no large-scale revision of the site, content quality is also standard, in the first 20 days after the index site will be indexed within the page to the database (that is, included), but also to give the site a certain weight (this time the site has a certain ranking ability!))

Summary: Total time: 21-27 days (reference value)

Weight decision Period: (the site is indexed after the search engine to the process of scoring)

The weight of the sentence is regularly collected from the site after the start of the calculation, usually after the period of 1-180 days for the site's weight decision period (Baidu is not the same, Baidu's reference value is 1-90 days; Google for 1-180 days), during which the search engine will be based on the behavior of the site (update, content quality, Outside the chain construction situation) to determine the weight value of the site.

Updates are regular and numerous, the content of the original degree of high and logical, Web site IP, bounce rate low, deep depth, stay longer will be a high weight determination (of course, the proportion of these links is not clear, but we can confirm that the content and the proportion of the external chain is higher).

In these indicators, we are difficult to achieve at the same time, but the search engine will be based on different circumstances to determine (as we do the college entrance examination, as long as the score reached the admission line, whether it is a full score in mathematics or English 50 points or language 98 is a success!)

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