Talking about the success or failure of Executive Force and SEO optimization work

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Many webmaster friends, contact SEO This industry has been a long time, did a lot of stations, but basically few successful, here is not because of their ability, not because their technology did not learn home, after all, SEO plainly, nothing more than original articles and high-quality outside the chain, most of the case, The reason for failure is simply because they do not hold on for a while.

Ma Yun has a very classic words: Today is cruel, tomorrow is cruel, the day after may be cruel, but the last one will certainly see the dawn of the sun!

The key point of this sentence is to insist that many of the friends who are standing are poor in insisting on this point, of course, I have this problem before, want to start blogging, did a period of time, feeling not ideal, and replaced the station, download station did not satisfied after a period of time, and then replaced Taobao customer promotion station, To the end in GoDaddy backstage a look, God, unexpectedly all registered more than 20 domain names, and the success of the station is not a.

I always put forward a detailed work plan for every station, and my philosophy is that I have to have a plan to do the task, and if I don't have a detailed plan, the things that I do will appear disorganized and inefficient!

I never doubted my work plan, and even now I am still satisfied, of course, with the further study, of course, there will be some additions, but this does not negate my previous work plan is reasonable.

The reason why I failed is that I lacked executive power!

What is executive power?

The so-called executive Force, refers to the implementation of strategic intent, the completion of the intended objectives of the operational capacity. and measure the performance of the standard, to the individual is on time according to quality according to the amount of work to complete their tasks, for the enterprise is in the scheduled time to complete the strategic objectives of the enterprise.

Usually, when I make a plan, I will be extremely enthusiastic the week before, I just want to put all the time on the website, but after this week, will gradually tired, no passion, but still will do, but if there is anything to delay a day to carry out, there will be the next day, the third day, Finally found a long time passed, but still have no results, and then will be tempted by other ideas, do a new station, make a new plan .....

I'm sure there are a lot of friends in my situation!

In fact, in many cases, as long as we can stick to it, the future is bright.

As an example of a weight loss station I did, it was one of the most successful stops I've made in the past. One months can bring me more than 2000 income, and I only adhere to the implementation of my plan for two months, but unfortunately, this I bought because it is a special name of Yahoo, or Taobao to buy, Later, because of the credit card problem, the domain name eventually hung up, the station also died.

The temptation of the world is too much, especially SEO this free work occupation, no pressure, completely rely on their own self-awareness, temptation is more, so when we work must be excluded from the temptation to identify the implementation of our plans, only in this way, we can succeed.

I hope that this experience can be helpful to the vast number of webmaster, this article from the Free Download Net ebook bookstore ( author Allen, Welcome to reprint.

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