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Now the Webmaster Choice keyword method strange, each stationmaster has own a set of keyword choice idea and method. But often in the mind of a part of the webmaster think as long as the keyword flow directly copy add to the site, and then always do to promote optimization, but slow to see the expected effect, why? Because of ignoring an important factor, the high flow of natural competition is fierce. Therefore, the webmaster choice keyword, do not only look at the level of its traffic, there are other factors, such as conversion rate, precision, matching, correlation and so on these factors should be taken into account. Today I share a few easy to let webmaster ignore the precise keyword selection method:

one, with the key words meaning thought the same spelling

21st century is a time to pay attention to efficiency, people's work speed up, the natural error rate is also a straight rise. It's like typing a typo in a conversation with a friend, or some words don't use the same tonal words to explain them. Similarly, when a user searches for certain information, inadvertently may be the search word is wrong, then search will also be based on the interpretation of Pinyin to return the search results, and according to the statistics of China's netizens billion, if 1 per thousand of the user input the same search term, that the word flow is 100,000 traffic, Such a huge flow for the webmaster is not very tempting it. And such a keyword competition is low and low, and because it is the wrong keyword, generally speaking, search for the keyword is to rely on their return search results, so that the webmaster can easily grasp the flow of these keywords. Therefore, the stationmaster chooses the accurate keyword, may use the typo to make the website the key words suitably, conforms to the user search word the information natural will rank more front, as to obtain the effect you understand.

Ii. Common terms in daily life

The same meaning in different areas of the use of the text is different, such as potatoes in Shandong area called the eggs, Guizhou province called taro or foreign sweet potato, Shanxi called potato, Anhui part is called Yams. Hebei area is called potato, yam. Guangdong is called the potato, the Italian is called the ground beans, the Frenchman is called the Apple, the Germans are called Di Li, the American is called the Irish Yambean, the Russian is called the Dutch potato. So when users in different regions search for information related to potatoes, they will naturally combine their real-life speaking habits to search. As the author of the Guangdong region, the search for potatoes will be directly input with the word potato, instead of the importation of yam, eggs and the like, of course, in different places use different words, but also for the webmaster to choose the exact keyword is very helpful. So the webmaster to understand their own site users of the distribution, and then understand the terms of life in these places about what, what is called. By combining the keywords of local life terms, it is natural to find the target users more accurately. Therefore, the choice of accurate keywords can be from the life of terminology, and these keywords of small competition, precision, high flow, especially for the local site more appropriate.

third, has the strong authority the specialized terminology

Each product has its own unique scientific name, which is described by the use of more professional words, like the key word of a desktop fan, its scientific name should be called the seat-style fan, and the desktop fan is just what people call it. I believe many friends do not know the scientific name of the desktop fan is so clumsy. And the search for these keywords is precisely the most accurate users, search this keyword may be for the desktop fan to know more about the friend, naturally he wanted to search this keyword to show that he has this demand, the general himself does not need some kind of information naturally will not search the relevant keywords, so, Webmaster in the choice of accurate keywords, you can consider the professional words, these keywords although it seems that the flow is not small, but your precision is strong enough, you think about if the user does not understand this, how do you know its professional name? Why do you want to search for this information? So, stationmaster chooses accurate keyword when , you can think about the problem from the user's point of view, instead of just focusing on its traffic.

For webmaster How to more quickly choose to accurate website keyword, in fact, the author said that the above points can definitely give you the choice of keywords when some ideas, especially the sale of the site selection keyword, should be combined with these three points to analyze which keywords can bring the maximum conversion rate, after all, conversion rate does not go, Then it is no use to have a large flow. So, no matter what type of site, accurate keywords can make it easier to see the site's development prospects and optimization results.

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