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Yesterday, Google PR suddenly in the main webmaster tools disappear, there is joy, there are sad, more alarmed, in fact, Xiaowu webmaster Think big, Google PR disappeared for webmaster can only be a small thing, million should not panic. The development of a website is not to see PR, but to see how to do, how to establish the loyalty of users.

Google PR in Webmaster tools disappear, many exchange links webmaster do not know what to exchange links should pay attention to, today, Xiaowu for everyone to talk about Exchange links should pay attention to what, you will find in fact, PR is just a number, there is no actual site data important.

First, look at the search engine included, to see whether the search engine snapshots timely.

Whether the PR is really disappear or just change the interface, we exchange links when all must look at a site in the search engine, included in the case can be divided into several categories, the first category included less than 100, the second category included under 1000, the third category is 1000+ above the. In fact, a site as long as there is no very big gap, no matter how PR can be considered appropriate for friendship links.

Again, the search engine snapshots, search engine snapshots in the exchange of links when it is very important, snapshot update timely to explain the search engine friendly, spiders come fast, exchange links with such a site can be said to be a benefit, of course, snapshots are not necessarily required every day, The next day snapshots can be exchanged for links.

Two. To see whether the site has illegal content, see content is not every day adhere to the original.

A website wants real healthy development, site content should not be involved in illegal information content, if there is a site will be k sooner or later, and the exchange of links to the site would also be deeply implicated, so I suggest if you want to exchange friends with other sites when the chain must be in-depth access to the site to understand the content of the violation, Don't stink a jar for a smelly fish, Hairenbujian.

There is to see whether the site content webmaster did update timely, original article, because this kind of words site by the search engine recognition will be more and more high, the search engine recognizes your friend chain website to your website approval degree also will be corresponding enhancement, must not only look at the quick care included does not see the content, knew that the content is a website development kingly Way, If the content is also adhere to the updated site, whether it is not a new station, in fact, you can consider the appropriate exchange links, so that the old station led the new station, the new station will also promote the old station, can be said to be a double win.

Three. See the weight do not believe the weight, see PR don't think PR is king.

Regardless of Google's PR will not be renewed after the appearance, we look at Baidu weight, Google PR time to hold a skeptical mentality to see, perhaps you now use webmaster tools to measure out the weight is very high, PR is not bad, but tomorrow you see? There may be no more, now some sites in order to earn friend chain fees, Take the tricks can be described as endless, please webmaster must be careful to be careful.

In fact, Google's PR disappeared yesterday is actually a good thing, can be described as a wake-up call to the webmaster, but also for the links of the business to provide a wake up, change friend chain is not only to see the PR, more is to see the station to do the determination and perseverance, a determined webmaster will insist on daily update content, A webmaster will definitely do the original content. This article A5 first, reproduced please keep the link obeyed Chinese medicine acne, thank you for your support.

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