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Taobao Browser is now a lot of people are using a browser, but a lot of people do not know how to use Taobao browser menu bar, Taobao browser menu bar has a lot of practical functions oh, such as can be the Web page and the image of the page to save as, you can collect pages and so on, the following and small set together to see.

Taobao browser menu bar use method:

Under the File menu, there are two options worth noting "save the page as ..." and "save page as Picture ...", the former Save the current page as "html+ Resource Folder", the latter saves the current page as "long picture", the effect is equivalent to screenshot software "scrolling screenshot" ~

The View menu bar "Find ..." and the "View Source" option is more useful, if you want to search the current page of a keyword, you can use the "find ..." (preferably with the shortcut key ctrl+f, or others will think you are not professional), find will be highlighted;

"View source code" suitable for Web designers or HTML code enthusiasts, analysis of what the Css+div, the General people do not use, unless someone would like to remember under Notepad to write the pure age of the page ~

There is a lot of information under the Favorites menu, the most common play is to import or export favorites, a normal web browser, there are always some frequently visited websites or pages, it is a good idea to put the door in line.

If you switch to another browser or change from another browser, do not forget to bookmark the Hard-won links.

A few very useful options under the Tools menu, "Clear browsing data ..." For all the men and women who don't want to be known for browsing records, they feel like they're being tracked by their mom or the FBI.

"Download Management" is the lightweight (relative Thunderbolt Express) Download tool from Taobao's browser, which is not an option; "Expansion Center" and "options" are the strategic location of Taobao's browser, the status of Shanghai and Beijing respectively.

The "Help" menu has a "skin-changing Icon", point into a lot of beautiful skin to choose from, but not yellow drilling fees.

Say the menu bar below the two functional areas, similar to the "Address bar" is a "quick search" portal, the alternative search engine is very rich, but can not customize the add, Wikipedia plus should be good;

Taobao browser to the right is the "Expansion Center", followed by a few of the most commonly used function extensions, such as the net silver control installation, Youdao cloud notes and so on, can be customized according to the need to play more.

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