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One, Taobao browser tab page mouse operation.

New tab: 1. Mouse in the tab bar and the menu bar anywhere right click and then select New tab page;

2. After setting in the Options (menu bar--Tools----tab----New, check right click the new checkbox below), right click on the tab bar to create a new tab page.

3. Shortcut key combination: Ctrl+t.

Close tabs: Close tabs In addition to clicking the X number on the tab page:

1. Double-click the tab page you want to close.

2. middle mouse button Click to close the tab page.

3. Right-click the tab that needs to be closed (if not open in the option-Basic settings-New, tick right click to close the corresponding tab bar check box).

4. Shortcut key combination ctrl+w.

Undo Close Tab: 1, shortcut key combination alt+z,

2. Use the Undo button in the top left corner of the browser as shown below.

Toggle tab Page: 1. Shortcut key combination Ctrl+tab.

2. Use the mouse wheel scrolling order in the tab bar to toggle the tab page. (Option--tab--toggle--Scroll the mouse wheel on the tab bar to Toggle tab).

Second, Taobao browser label page Mouse gesture operation.

Under the leadership of Chrome, each browser makes the mouse gesture the standard of the browser, also make the browser operation is very convenient.

Mouse gesture operation is: Hold down the right mouse button, drag the mouse on the Web page to move a directional trajectory, these trajectories represent specific operations, thus completing the specified operation.

All mouse gestures can be viewed under the option-mouse gesture.

To change the mouse gesture can be clicked: Taobao browser How to more options for the mouse gesture.

The following figure is the mouse gesture to restore the recently closed tab, from top to bottom to left.

When you drag, there will be text prompts, when the mouse gesture using errors, you can also shake more than two directions to break the gesture operation

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