Taobao Technology development process ("Taobao technology this decade" after reading summary)

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On the technical post in recent years little thought quiet down seriously to read a book, serious analysis of some technical principles, this book let me at least find some how to the direction of technology and management direction of new cognition.     Taobao Ali has been a lot of technical workers in heaven, the domestic and even the world a lot of smart people are concentrated in the inside; missed a lot of opportunities, then through this book to preliminary understanding of Taobao past life. I think Taobao technology started with the majority of the company's technology has a similar place, not just a set of very cow X's design and system, almost all from the beginning of simple technology, first of all, to ensure that the product of the initial concept of the model can be good technology and success are evolved, can only say that forward-looking is very important opportunity. Through the son Willow this book, I summed up Taobao technology development of several stages: Initial PhaseThe birth of a mysterious project, started by the 10-member treasure when it was set up, the original website architecture is the lamp (linux+ apache+mysql+php) architecture technology is purchased. Get the code after the technical staff of the MySQL database model structure was modified; 1. Split the previous single database, split into a main library and two from the library;     2. The Master/slave mode, the master main Library is responsible for the main reading and writing operations, the get operation of more frequent data replication to the slave library. There are many benefits to this, namely, storage capacity increased, with data backup, increased security, improved read and write efficiency. 3.Mysql to Oracle with SQL Relay (database connection pool) Ignorant StageBegin to be divided into multiple levels. This phase requires a support million to tens of millions of user-level architecture, the initial PHP into Java, domain names to to Direct conversion 1. Ali's MVC framework was used WEBX, control layer with spring, The persistence layer uses the Ibatis, the station search engine Iseach 2. Due to the upper limit of processing capacity, the closed database has been rectified, the database routing Dbroute has been developed, and the data merging, sorting and paging operations have been processed uniformly, so that programmers can operate the database as well as using a database. Data. 3. Use of caching and CDN content distribution network, developed its own TFS file server and Tair cache server to solve the problem of commodity snapshot file storage, so that can support the Tens user level Advanced Maturity StageAt such a stage Taobao more systematic, service number, specialization, this book mainly introduces the following changes 1. According to the database Routing Division Independent Business module, expands the WEBX MVC framework, develops own session frame and so on, the module individual JAR Packs 2. System split, each system is deployed separately,     Special things, reduce coupling, Taobao system split into the following architecture: Interpretation: Basic Business Services:uic--> User Trading system Forest--> class properties of the service ...     Core business Services:tc--> Trading Center ic--> Commodity Center sc--> Shop Center ... Business System:tm--> Trading system im--> Commodity business detail--> commodity details ...
3. The system split up and developed its own real-time messaging middleware HSF and asynchronous message middleware notify, database routing Tddl external unification of all data access.

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