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A lot of Taobao owners have found the site was Baidu and K, from 618 to 809 last year to this year's January 6, a total of three times K station, in the end is really like the rumors of Taobao? So what can be defined as K? What is the commonness after being K station? The following to introduce Taobao guest site was Baidu K-station solution.

100 degrees K station is for Taobao guest website

For this question, from a different point of view, can be said to be, but also can say is not, Baidu six months to three K station is mainly aimed at the garbage station, station group station, excessive optimization station, and at the same time also did a clean-up, Taobao guests and other competitors of the subordinate web site cleaned a batch, some of which are identified as garbage stations, And this is in the spread of Taobao for customers and K station, in fact, we absolutely do not need to scare themselves, to know that there is a large number of Baidu Taobao station not only has not been k and the more do the better, this is enough to show that Baidu K station is not aimed at Taobao, so please rest assured.

Two how to define by Baidu K Station

Baidu K Station by the situation there are many kinds of, but overall, there are probably so three kinds of situation, can be defined as Baidu K.

1, ranking decline; When our main keywords and even unique keyword rankings suddenly fell to an impossible position, such as dozens of, you can conclude that the site was K. Here to explain, if the ranking is only floating within 20, this can be counted k is not fully counted by K, so do not worry, with some methods can still let the rankings back.

2, included in the reduction, when everyone's site included a substantial reduction, the basic can also be determined to be k, of course, included in the reduction of a variety of situations, one is included in the number of reduction, the second is not included in the first, the third is included only the home page, four is included in

3, the snapshot stops or reverses; In general, when the snapshot is stopped, we just do it in the right way so that our site can slowly return to the previous state, but if the snapshot backwards, then basically can be defined as K.

No matter which of the above three kinds of circumstances, are not unable to recover, the most important thing is to follow the right way to do, according to the plan to do, this is a webmaster should do the "money" of the way.

Three by K Taobao Guest site of the common

Since there are a lot of reasons for K, also appeared a lot of Taobao guest site common, such as the contents of the station, import links, export links, and so on, the following for you to describe in detail:

1 contents in the station

Through observation, it is not difficult to find that many friends of the station was K because of the release of those in the Internet a lot of duplication of content, or tools generated by the article, although this can make the site included a rapid upgrade, but more likely to let everyone's station quickly by K, in many times, we have to develop the habit of constantly updating the site, More of it, to develop their own web site into the habit of living, to see, think of, hear all can use the form of article and the website with our Taobao products linked, this is a qualified Taobao guest, also will be a can make money Taobao guest.

2 Import Links

A lot of new friends do not understand the importance of external links Taobao customers, so like to find a life-saving straw to seize, the result is, everywhere hair outside the chain, no purpose, no plan to get the import link, thought that this can let the site rankings rise, the result is k, the reason is to create a large number of outside the chain of garbage, In order to attract spiders to do the link, is really a spam link, and spam links for a site, almost meaningless. As Ashen often said, a relevance of the internal page link, bring the weight and flow, far larger than an unrelated industry home page link, this is the most important, but also new people need to pay attention to.

3 Export Links

Because it's a novice, do not understand a site's export links more, the weight of its own site will be less and less, so reduce the site to export links is a good way, but we should pay attention to the safety of the site to do, such as in the use of some free CNS, especially in the use of other free templates, It's easier for people to add links to your site code that you don't see, is the so-called small profit to eat a big loss, so everyone in the selection of procedures must choose those independent development procedures, not only included good, but also because the user is less, the study of the people will not be more, there will be no one to crack, but more secure.

Today give you a detailed introduction of Taobao customers how to deal with Baidu's K-station behavior, from the industry to K-station definition to K station commonness, basically we can through these methods to find the reason for the site is K, as for the site by K How to restore the problem, today will not say.

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