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Keyword has always been to do the station in the process of the most important, I chose the right keyword on the choice of the next article and you share the importance of the choice of keywords, the site may be different size, the development of different strategies, need to optimize the number of keywords and quality will be different. So before the beginning of the site, first find the right keyword is the most urgent thing. Today and everyone to share Taobao site to find the key words of three ideas, are summed up in the practice of discovery, today to write, I hope to help you.

Taobao customers Choose the keyword is not the higher the better, because a lot of just opened small shop will set a high commission, even more than 50%, but the real deal when he will be the price of the transaction is very low, the postage is high, because the postage is not a commission, the end of their own interests will be damaged, in fact, this is only a small example, There are more examples to illustrate the need for keyword selection, which is not listed here. Below according to their actual experience and everyone to discuss how to find and choose the keyword.

First, go to the forum to see share posts, find opportunities

This is a best method, because these posts are webmaster share posts, is in the webmaster get a commission after the words, general authenticity is relatively high. From this kind of post, can look at the content and signature two aspects, the general content will mention what they do, if the content is not involved, then the signature generally have URL links, we need to carefully look at these signature documents can understand one or two, will find high value words. After all, these are webmaster hard digging, I just use this method does not cost what strength to find a lot of good words.

Second, to search for a keyword, the following

The second method is to search for a keyword, and then find a lot of already ranked sites, select the optimization of Long tail keywords better site Click into, see what they promote. If such a site jump directly to Taobao shop, then you can click on Baidu snapshots, from the snapshot to view the links of the site, these links in fact, the webmaster thinking of the direct response, friendship link words are generally webmaster carefully screened, want to do the keyword ranking, so there is commercial value, And the difficulty is not very big. This method can be the way to dig out a lot of available keywords.

Third, go to the sun to find words, analysis and summary

The third is to bask in a single area, many forums have Taobao guest to bask in a single plate, in fact, this is the owner of their own work of the affirmation of the results, these are generally caused by a lot of stationmaster's attention, but we should not only pay attention to these income and numbers, but should carefully observe these successful webmaster do what products, using which promotional methods, To study the profitability of these products. Copy these sites in Baidu Search, in Webmaster tools to query, you can find a lot of relevant information, generally find a good post seriously study, there will be many new discoveries.

Above only refers to three points, these three points found in the key words can be directly used, but also in accordance with our thinking to filter, go to the fine, but the most important thing is that we have to learn this method and ideas, Teach the mermaid as a person to fish. Do the station or promotion, as long as you pay carefully, careful observation of research, there will be a lot of methods and ideas, the choice of keywords is only one of them. For example, to promote, often study the opponents of the site strong, where our deficiencies, in the end what is lacking, do more comparison and summary, so as to find gaps, improve themselves, increase benefits.

Well, today's summary is first written here, fashion big code women found that new ideas will also be in time to share out, I hope everyone more exchanges. Also welcome reprint, reprint please keep the link, thank you!

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