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This article simply introduces the "secret" process and invites you to enjoy the secret of the visual group.

09 so Piapia, in order to give you a visual group of the work of the year, "Visual group of The Secret" (short: Secret) idea was born. The secret "mainly presents the 09-year visual group of people a small number of wonderful works.
This article simply introduces the "secret" process of production, and invites you to enjoy "The secret of the visual group " Flash larger, slow loading ^_^

1: Conception

Collective brain burst when everyone thought of "flying house around the record" in the old Carl read the book, want to keep everyone's secret in the books, the page form to present, but because I have limited animation ability, and to the visual group of the work string together is not simple things, from the book Ann Iocn to the exquisite male channel, The Vision group does the thing to have the very big difference, therefore and the Qing Tong, the Feng Jin, flies after the brain burst decides to take the book as the scene, the work is made out in the form of the treasure map.

2: Division of Labor

After the "secret" has been conceived, photos, icons, collection of works, sound effects, copywriting, scene synthesis, animation implementation almost all of the visual group to participate in the help, which is very grateful to the students to draw the pen icon (Map page), for a large number of bright spots added.

3: Making

A) book-cut page

Home Page The idea is to use a book as an entry Guide page, the performance of the page needs to be mysterious, and exquisite, the early thought of the production of some of the previous online game style pages. A large amount of composite material is used on the page (pictured above). It also took a lot of time, and here's a few revisions to the build.

In the final edition, except for the two sides of the transitional version of the burden, strengthening the light and the source of the book relationship, the visual center will focus on the book.

b) Formality

The first version of the scene uses a video clip fragment of a cloud, and the conversion is very stiff (pictured below)

Since the page and map pages were dark, version A was soon rejected, then a tricky one, using a door video as a material

PS: Scene Copy from Feng Jin mm ^_^

c) Map content page

Map page to do very well, the idea is simple, using a Kraft paper local map background, and then sketched a simple map, will be the entrance of our work in the small area of the map, put on the Jian just draw the simple pen icon, it is done

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