Tar encounters error: "Error exit delayed from previous errors"

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A problem that may come across

Use the tar command (TAR-CVFZ src.tar.gz src) to compress a directory,

Encountered error "error exit delayed from previous errors"

The reason option "F" means the archive file name is given on the command

Line (required whenever the tar output is going to a file),

F need to be followed by the name of the compressed file.

So the tar command from "TAR-CVFZ src.tar.gz src" changed to "TAR-CZVF src.tar.gz src",

Two problems that may be encountered

In Google search, there are two possible scenarios for this problem:

12 There may be files in the packaged directory that do not have read (r) permissions, and directories that may be in the packaged directory do not have the Execute (x) permission.

Locate the file or directory that has a problem with the permissions and change their permissions by using the following chmod command:

12345 # Change file permissions chmod u+r File # change directory permissions chmod-r u+xr dir

After the permission setting is complete, then using the TAR command to package the compression, there will be no tar:error exit delayed from previous errors error.

Question three,

Sometimes the tar function may be incorrectly prompted because of an FTP upload problem

FTP is transmitted in a binary way:

12345 FTP Omit login password and ... # FTP command mode,

Set transfer mode for binftp> binftp> put ~/xxx.tar.gz yyy.tar.gz

Okay, about the error exit delayed from previous errors basically on these kinds of people can refer to.

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