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Since Windows was published, desktop accompanied have been used for today, and more and more of the myriad of software and desktop icons. How to manage the icons of the desktop, has always been people do not think, also not good at thinking of the problem. "Owl Studio" to develop a desktop icon based on the classification of management software, "perfect desktop", through classification, fast search way to manage and use the desktop, find the desktop icon more efficient, easy to manage the desktop.

The perfect desktop installation process is very simple, the user only according to the installation wizard to operate, without any complex operation options, easy to complete the installation.

Perfect Desktop Setup Wizard

After the installation is complete, start the program, and then pop up a Welcome Icon Sorting wizard window on the screen, where the user can sort the icons according to the wizard and click the Next button in the lower right corner of the wizard to enter the next operating interface.

Icon Classification Wizard

Click the Next button to enter the extension collation settings interface, this user can set the name of the extension under the Category list, you can also add the category button to add a new category, after the completion of the setting, click the Next button to automatically classify the icons on the desktop, after sorting the completion of the Completion prompt window, click "Finish" button.

Set the extension category

When the icon sorting setting is complete, the user can see that the icon box will be displayed on the desktop so that the user can easily find the tool software that you want to find.

Icon Category display

Users can also add their own hand to the icon, just select the icon on the desktop, and then click the left mouse button to drag it into the category window can, after releasing the mouse, you can find that the icon has been added to the category box.

Add icon to Category

Not only that, the perfect desktop also provides users with more than one desktop to switch between, click the perfect desktop main interface 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 buttons can be free to switch between the five desktop, click the "+" icon button to add a new category box on the desktop.

Switch Desktop

When the user clicks the set on the Desktop icon button in the upper-left corner of the category box, the Category box is set to a location on the desktop, and the user can drag the category to any location on the desktop before it is set on the desktop.

Set on the desktop

In the Perfect Desktop toolbar also provides users with the search function, click the magnifying glass icon button to open the search box, enter the word, and then select Search Engine Search can be, the perfect desktop to provide the search engine only Baidu and Google two kinds.

Search engine

The perfect desktop tool also provides a skin-changing function for the user, only the skin type is very small, only the default skin and ocean Blue interface skin, users can choose according to their own use habits; Click the menu button on the Perfect Desktop toolbar and select the skin type in the Drop-down list that pops up.

Change Skin

Want to make your desktop clean? Would you like to find the icon more efficient? The perfect Desktop Icon management tool can be categorized, fast search way to manage and use the desktop, easy to manage desktop icons, so that your desktop clean, more efficient!

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