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With the development of the network more and more users began to learn to build their own website, through the site to provide their own information to other people, and through the Forum and other friends to discuss issues, to express their views. Major websites have also set up their own forums to attract many netizens. Many people want to be able to learn how to create a forum, today I will introduce you how to create the content of the forum.

Like us ordinary users are not able to write their own entire PHP forum, the best way is to take other people's ready-made forum to achieve their own purpose of building the forum. The network has many uses the PHP language to build the forum blueprint, through many years of use experience I thought in the PHP forum aspect, the discuz! is more outstanding. He is a master of domestic PHP development and promotion, most well-known domestic site is also through the discuz! to establish a forum. Buy goods to support the Chinese, then we use the forum should also be the choice of domestic software. The more important point is that the discuz! forum is completely free, so the author has always been a very good love him, this time also pay attention to the introduction of the Discuz! forum method.

First, the forum builds the preparation work:

To successfully build a forum and put into use is the need for multiple software support, mainly including site publishing tools, PHP programs, forum main program and database program. Generally speaking, PHP program and MySQL database combined more perfect, because MySQL itself management tools phpMyAdmin is written by the PHP language, and site publishing tools we can choose either Iis,tomcat or Apache, It is recommended to use Apache here.

Read the above introduction may be some readers will find it very difficult to build a forum, including configuration apache,php, forum main program, MySQL database and many other tasks. In fact, we do not worry about fear, here to introduce a simple method, that is, through the server suite to build discuz! forum, the so-called server suite is the network master will be apache,php and MySQL database together three for one, We only need to install this server suite can be implemented in a Flash apache,php program, MySQL database three installation and initialization configuration work.

Apache+php+mysql+perl Server Suite small file :

software version : V1.1.0

Software Language : Chinese version

software type : Free software

software size : 14987KB

applicable platform : WIN9X/ME/NT/2000/XP

Download Address : http://www.onlinedown.net/soft/22078.htm

discuz! Forum Main program small file :

software version : 4.1.0 Chinese Simplified GB version

Software language : Chinese

software type : Free software

software size : 3.55MB

applicable platform : win2000/xp/2003

Download Address : Http://homepage.yesky.com/imagelist/06/04/53qht385p84t.zip

second, the establishment of discuz! forum--Configure Apache and forum program installation

The discuz! Forum has many editions, including Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, GB and UTF-8 editions. We can choose the appropriate version according to the actual application environment. Although the UTF-8 version has good international compatibility, it requires 50% more database storage than the GBK/BIG5 version, and is therefore not recommended for use by users with special requirements for international compatibility. More download information can be accessed by http://www.discuz.com/index.php?category=4.

The first step: Unzip the downloaded Apache+php+mysql+perl Server suite and run the main program Server.exe. Start the kit installation work. (Figure 1)

Figure 1, step two: The decompression operation, by default, is to install the suite to the D:/USR directory, we do not modify it, otherwise it will cause the exception of the call error. (Figure 2)

Figure 2 Step three: Click the "Install" button to start copying the required files to the local directory. (Figure 3)

Figure 3 Step Fourth: The last package installed will automatically start the Apache site service. (Figure 4)

Figure 4 The Fifth step: we can open IE browser to enter the address, if there is a kit related information page, it means that our Apache is working properly. (Figure 5)

Figure 5
Sixth step: Next we will download the discuz! forum main program and unzip it, extract the directory there are many folders, where the directory named upload is what we really need, others are similar to help document files. (Figure 6)

Figure 6 Step Seventh: We copy all the files in the upload directory to the d:/usr/www/html directory to complete the preparation of the installation discuz!. (Figure 7)

Figure 7 Step eighth: Because by default the Apache+php+mysql+perl server suite adds a file named index.html to the d:/usr/www/html directory, we can't use it anymore and remove it to prevent it from disturbing later. (Figure 8)

Figure 8 Step nineth: Open IE browser access, will appear to require you to install discuz! forum prompts the interface. We choose the appropriate forum version for installation. Because we download and operate the Simplified Chinese version of GBK, so click the appropriate information to install. (Figure 9)

Figure 9 Tips: Select the Forum version of the installation can not be optional, if you copy to the d:/usr/www/html directory is a simplified GB version must be selected in this version, if you choose the other version so to the discuz! after the use of the forum to bring hidden dangers, For example, there are garbled and display errors and so on.

The tenth step: The Forum installs the interface, we select "I completely agree" the button can, next is the forum parameter carries on the configuration. (Figure 10)

Figure 10 so we have completed the Apache program installation and configuration, but also the discuz! main program initialization, the next is to the database and discuz! forum settings. third, the establishment of discuz! forum--Configure discuz! forum and MySQL database

To make the forum work properly, be sure to configure the discuz! main program and MySQL database, they are the soul of the Forum.

The first step: the browser will automatically configure the config.inc.php file, we need to set the database server name is localhost, database user name is root, database password remain empty, database name please modify to Discuz, the system email can fill in a random, Table name prefix Please do not modify, keep as cdb_. (Figure 11)

Figure 11 The second step: the browser will automatically check the current server environment, the current server configuration and discuz! requirements of the environment to compare, our server can not run normally discuz! from the comparison table here. (Figure 12)

Figure 12 The third step: Set up the Administrator account, this administrator account is not a database and not PHP, but we have established the Discuz! forum administrator. The default is admin, admin email according to the actual input, the administrator password is also set up here. The last point "start installing discuz!" Button. (Figure 13)

Figure 13 Step Fourth: The system automatically establishes the database required for discuz! and the various data tables in it. (Figure 14)

Figure 14 Step Fifth: When all initialization directories and files are completed the work will show "Congratulations, discuz! installation was successful." ", and the administrator account and password will also be displayed. (Figure 15)

Figure 15
The sixth step: this time we use the browser to visit will see discuz! Forum homepage, is not very excited about it. We can also easily set up a forum ourselves. (Figure 16)

Figure 16 The seventh step: at the bottom of the Forum homepage we can see the relevant registration information of the discuz! forum, the version is the latest 4.1.0. (Figure 17)

Figure 17 Step Eighth: We click the "Login" button at the top right, and then enter the Administrator account name and password to log in. (Figure 18)

Figure 18 The Nineth step: the "System Setup" at the top right of the login point interface to modify the basic information of the Forum. (Figure 19)

Figure 19 Step tenth: After entering the admin interface, we also need to enter the admin password again, so that the left parameter can be modified. (Figure 20)

Figure 20 Tips: Many friends on the Internet to ask why the forum after the use of Administrator account login but can not make any changes in parameters, the main reason is that we do not re-enter the administrator password, follow the steps in step tenth to resolve this issue.

11th Step: In this management interface we can arbitrarily add sub-forum, the new classification and so on. Due to the space limit on the maintenance of discuz! and settings of the content is not too much introduced, interested readers can refer to the relevant articles. (Figure 21)

Figure 21 Summary: Writing a forum from scratch is very difficult, but the use of other people to write a forum module to build a forum is very simple, we just follow the content described above step-by-step operation can easily complete the discuz! forum to build work. To achieve the most simple way to build the most professional and efficient forum.

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