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A number of Internet cafes have adopted a dual WAN router access design, but for how to use such devices, users have a lot of questions, we for this router in the WAN settings, WAN port online detection, Flow balance control settings, we have to tl-r480+ Internet cafes routers For example to make a detailed introduction.

One, WAN port settings

For example: In a two-line environment, a 10M fiber-optic line, a 2M ADSL line. Optical fiber lines using static IP settings, after selecting the WAN port 1 Set IP address, DNS server, please note the download bandwidth settings below the page and upload bandwidth settings, please fill in the relevant parameters, as shown in Figure 1 below.

(Small series recommendation; routers set up multiple WAN ports tips)

Figure 1

ADSL Line selected WAN Port 2, connection type Select PPPoE, and then fill in the ISP provided by the authentication user name and password. The connection mode can be selected as needed. Then enter the advanced settings below the page, fill in the user's local DNS server address, and fill in the download bandwidth and upload bandwidth values. As shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2

Tip One: Fill in, download bandwidth is very important to achieve the line bandwidth automatic equalization. If you do not fill in the corresponding bandwidth, the line traffic will be allocated 1:1, as in the example of the line situation, when the user download traffic over 4M, the line 2 will overload causes some users to not connect or drop the line.

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