Teach you how to correctly start the android SDK 1.5 simulator [ZT]

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Teach you how to correctly start the android SDK 1.5 Simulator

It has been a while since we started to call the beast G1 (it took a lot of meters to buy the G1 at the time). As soon as we got the new machine, we found that the G1 was very good. I touched it on the left and right, I found that G1 was slippery and tilted. At that time, when the new machine was bought back, it was turned into a fake by Uncle profiteer. Chinese Version System Later Set See below: Android Network compilation system. Since then Forum Long-term Diving Activities! I don't know anything about the new machine. I often look at it on the forum side. After a long time of diving and learning, I was able to play my G1 well. It's called a beast. I often see online friends on forums.Software Or Games , It's just me. · seeing new software and games, I will go right away. Download Install Mobile phone .

However, after some software and games are installed on mobile phones, they find that they are not suitable for me. This requires repeated installation,DeleteThis action! Not found until last weekGoogleThe G1 simulator on the PC is provided, and the latest version of the simulator is immediately downloaded.ProgramIt is not possible to open the simulator. (the original documents found on Google and Baidu indicate that the task can be run by double-clicking after download ), after careful comparison, we can find that the currentNetworkThe above information is about the old version of the 1.2 simulator ····

A few days ago, I realized that the new version of SDK 1.5 had to be created first.AndroidVirtual Device("AVD") Before starting the simulator! Today, let's call the beast to teach you how to establish this during the weekend break.AVD!

^_^TutorialSplit line 1__^ 1__^ 1__^ 1__^ 1__^ 1__^ 1__^

Download Android 1.5 SDK r3

First, confirm yourComputerJDK installed or not. If not, yes.Click to download(Right-click thunder to download )!

After JDK is installed, press and holdKeyboardOn the Windows + r key, in the pop-up dialog boxInputCmd. A black box will pop up when you press Enter. (Most of the subsequent operations are performed in this black box.) In the black box, enter

CD/d:/program files/android-sdk-windows-1.5/tools/

(This path is the path for storing simulators. You need to enter the path based on the path you have stored)

Download (10.86 KB)

After the correct command is enteredAutomaticThe path of the simulator you store (for example) is displayed)
Enter Android and press Enter next to the command.

Download (10.66 KB)

A bunch of commands will pop up in the black box. It doesn't matter if you don't understand them! We can scroll through the black box to see the location of the last command.
EnterAndroid create AVD-T 2-N G1And press Enter. "NOTE: The last G1 in this command can be named at will. You can write G2, Android, gphone, and so on." [when you perform this step, please remember that there are spaces between Android, create, AVD,-T, 2,-N, and G1.] Thanks for the reminder from leeking and sxs608 on the Forum, let me make a comment so that everyone will not see this space.

Download (9.73 KB)

A new command will pop up! We only need to enter NO and press Enter.

Download (5.12 KB)

After completing the preceding operations, openFileRight-click the simulator program and choose "send"> "desktop shortcut ".

Download (24.75 KB)

After returning to the desktop, I found that double-click the little green man and I still cannot open the simulator! Do not worry, right-click Properties! Add-AVD G1
Note again:This-the front should be blank, and the G1 followed by AVD should be consistent with the name entered in the black box in the previous step.

Download (13.93 KB)

After adding the simulator, click "OK" to start the simulator directly on the desktop.

Download (100.87 KB)

Supplement: If you have configured it by calling "Animal me" and turned on the "Boots" with a flash in the simulator, you can see the following! Due to a Windows Version issue, the. Android folder generation is not under the "C: \ Documents ents and Settings \ User Name" directory, but under the D disk (or put the simulator'sPartition.



If you have any questions, you can directly reply to them! Call the beast and I will reply to your questions. By the way, I will attach a picture of my hobby called the beast! My cell phone wallpaper is a handsome Selfie!

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