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1. Press the Dark skin

Open the original and copy the layer. Then change the image mode to CMYK mode:

Select image-Apply image, select "Mixed Mode" to multiply, channel choose "Cyan":

After adjusting the complexion darkens a lot, we then use the mask to wipe out the eyes and the background:

Revert the image back to RGB mode:

So we're done with the dark color adjustment:

2. Adjust Skin tone

Create a new solid layer with a color of #817862:

Change the blending mode of this layer to soft light and set the opacity to around 30:

Again, create a new solid layer, the color is #626f80, the blending mode is color, and the transparency is around 30:

Finally create a new "optional color" adjustment layer, adjust as shown:

3. Add Texture

Select a texture material:

Change "blending mode" to "soft light", and then erase the character part with the mask, and the transparency is about 80:

To create a new blank layer, we're going to draw a "radial gradient" with the gradient tool. Sets the foreground color to #897e55 and the background color to solid black, using the Gradient tool, select radial gradient:

The drawing effect is as follows:

Use a curve to highlight a gradient's highlight part:

Change the "blending mode" of the gradient layer to "overlay", the transparency adjusts to about 70, the effect is as follows:

4. Sharpen the image

Stamped layer, the new layer to perform "filter"-"other"-"high Contrast retention", the number is set to less than 10:

Change the "blending mode" of this layer to "linear light", adjusting the opacity as needed, and the effect is as follows:

5. Final adjustment

Adjust the color balance and curves of the image individually:

Finally, the footage of the glass fragment is imported into the image:

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