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Each browser has a lot of features, but some of the features we can not use, if they are opened, will undoubtedly occupy the system resources, reduce the speed of browser opening, we do not need to pay for these features. Now I'll teach you how to optimize the 360 security browser, improve the 360 security browser startup speed, create a refreshing browser interface. (Note: The following optimizations do not affect the normal use and security of 360 secure browsers!)

1. Just install 360 security browser can see a start page, in fact, not everyone needs, we can cancel it, so you can improve the speed of the browser to start. Optimization method: Click Tools Options Advanced Options General "on the right to find" at startup "Cancel the check box before" Show Page not closed at last Exit (Start Page) "and" show page viewed at last abnormal exit (Start page) "option, apply.

2. Installed 360 Security browser You must have found that the length of the label bar is inconsistent? Yes, the tab bar will be adaptive, the title long page, the tab bar will naturally be very long, this undoubtedly occupies a lot of space. Optimization method: Click Tools Option "Advanced options" tab bar to find "limit" on the left, the minimum width and the maximum width set to the same value, after my experiment, the numerical value set to "185" best.

3. After the above optimization, 360 security browser as a whole more beautiful. Can you find that there are many buttons in the button bar and we don't need any buttons? Yes, the right arrow on the button bar (remember to record after viewing) How many people use it? This arrow also has a small triangle next to it (this page to browse the record) is redundant; and, I think users should refresh the page with the keyboard "F5"? In this case, the red circle of the button bar (stop loading) and the Refresh button appear superfluous. Optimization method: Click to view "Toolbar" custom toolbar button "Standard button" Delete the above button can be "Remember to point sure oh."

4. How many people will use it here? The editing, collection, and Help buttons are redundant, and we don't have to put anything we don't use on our browsers. Optimization method: View toolbar Customize toolbar button menu Bar Delete Edit, favorites, help OK

5. Is there a small shield between the browser's address bar and the search bar? Yes, usually we rarely use this button to kill him. Optimization method: View Toolbar Customize toolbar button Address bar Delete "360 secure Browser".

6. Browser Search bar can also be killed Oh, the usual search when the address bar to enter the content to search for the contents of the return can search, then we also want to search the bar why? Kill it. Optimization method: View the Toolbar "cancel the search bar."

7. Now continue to move your gaze to the tab bar. What do you see in addition to the label? A "+" number, right? There are a few buttons on the right-hand side. Each label has a logo on the page, and a fork on the right side that closes the tab. Hide all this, "+" You can use the mouse right click on the tab bar blank space instead; Close the page can be double click Close Oh. Optimization method: Tools Options advanced Options tab bar Find "show" on the right, cancel the show new label button on the left of the label bar, Show Control button on the right side of the tab bar, show page download progress animation on label, show icon on label, show Close button on current label The front of the hook, the application can be.

8. Do you not like to click on the tag? Very simple, just open the tab bar mouse function will be free to switch the label. Optimization method: Tools Options advanced Options tab bar on the left "when scrolling the mouse wheel on the tab bar", select "Toggle Label" below to apply.

9. At this point, we move our eyes to Automatic updates; At present, 360 secure browsers are rarely updated, and it is superfluous to turn on this feature and waste system resources. Optimization method: Tools Options Program behavior Cancel "Check version update on startup" to determine.

10. So far, optimization has been largely completed. We can't miss a dead end. Move your eyes to the lower-right corner. Did you see a lot of icons? Well, there are many icons we can delete. For example, view the downloaded file, label options, page scaling. View downloaded files can be replaced by sidebar, label options we rarely touch, page scaling can be used Ctrl + mouse instead. Optimization method: View Tool "custom toolbar button" status bar, delete the above button OK.

11. Do you want to make your browser smarter? Clean online traces automatically? Very simple, optimization method: Tools Options Advanced options Privacy Protection on the right to find "automatic cleanup" check "when closing the browser automatically remove the following browsing history", the application can be selected except for cookies.

12. Does your 360 security browser open a lot of tags? is it a lot of CPU resources? Of course, this can be solved. Optimization method: "Tools" advanced tools to check "automatic optimization performance."

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