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If the content is king, then the design is the castle. For businesses, good web design includes not only content that attracts visitors, but also targeted users, as well as intuitive and attractive UI design to promote sales. Many designers like to apply their ideas to the customer's Web site directly, but did not consider this design is consistent with the site's products, to meet the needs of the target user base of the experience and needs, from this point of view, this design is really appropriate?

So, when you're designing business and business websites, you need to be introspective. Ask yourself, is this design reasonable, stand on the demand side and the user's point of view carefully, your creativity and design is really reliable. In the next case, we use ptengine this software to generate user clicks of the hotspot map, to help designers understand how users visit the site, analyze the pros and cons of the design.

 1, for product sales, a huge banner really effective?

Many websites like to place a huge banner on the top of the site's navigation bar, promoting the flagship product or the main service. Once this design is used, it means that most of the top of the site will be filled with a picture, and the user's attention will be attracted by it, and then the other products are noticed by the user. The following hot map is the largest sports brand vendor Footwear Products page, we found that their top banner hit rate is not high, after careful analysis of the data found to occupy about 10% of total page clicks, It is clear that most users have not been attracted to the picture but instead have chosen to look down at their own favorite shoes.

  2. What content should you place in the most prominent place?

Designers often discuss what to place on a Web site, but it is rarely true that the content is appropriate for the product or the needs of the user. Next, I use two living cases to show what good content is placed in the wrong place.

A few attractive dessert recipes are placed at the bottom of the home page, and only 37% of users will be able to drag the Web page to this location to see them. But almost everyone who saw the recipe clicked on them, but the vast majority of users didn't even see it at all! The designer should put this killer content in the best possible place, right?

Almost the same situation also happens on the Sports brand vendor Web page. Many different types of shoes are placed throughout the long page, and designers really need to comb those shoes to be more appealing. Only 20% of users will be able to browse to the bottom of the page, but almost all users who browse here will click on that pair of shoes, which is enough to prove that it is attractive, so why not move it to a place where users are more likely to find it?

  3. Do you always want to attach links to pictures?

On the website, a picture of the thousand words, this is very normal things. But do you design a page that conveys the correct meaning to the picture? If the picture is hyperlinked but the user does not understand your purpose, this is a design failure; If you place a picture that attracts the user to click, but the picture is not attached to the link, the user's click in vain, which is also a failure of the design.

The first case is a landing page. Look at the hotspot map and you will find many users click on the picture. Users at this time should be to click on the picture to learn more about what the site can provide them with what content, users want this image has hyperlinks, can guide them to a page of detail. But no.

The second case is a help page for a mobile phone. You'll notice that the customer service phone in this place is in sharp red and looks like it can be clicked, but it's actually just plain text. Users want to be able to call directly by clicking, but it seems impossible. If you want to keep in touch with the user directly, then this place must be modified.

  4, I designed the button is easy to click?

Take a look at the example below. App page, designers use hot and other keywords to attract the attention of potential users, but even if the use of pink to fill the button, its effect looks very inconspicuous. And the men's part, simply use the light blue, this place has less clicks. We can understand the designer's pains, but for the user, it is not attractive at all.

In creating an excellent web page, good designers will not only give it a good experience and excellent ideas, but also according to user's habits and demands to adjust the design and creativity, so that the design can be landed, so that users and the site to achieve good interaction. Ptengine is a good tool for designers to explore user habits, the data collected can clearly reflect the actual results of web design, for the iterative and optimization provides a strong data support. If you want to make a better design, try ptengine such a good tool.

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