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Let's take a look at the effect chart ....

Well, a lot of students want to know how I do this picture, although the ability of smokers language organization is weak, but in order to meet everyone, or decided to try to write a tutorial, this is the first tutorial of smokers AH = =

Making software PS CS3

The final effect of this example:

Start body

1. No matter what picture you make, smokers like to conceive first.

The idea of smokers is:

First set the theme: what you want to do is give a shallow anniversary gift.

Next to determine the style: European and American illustration

Continue to express your thoughts:

Anniversary gift, that naturally needs to be tailored.

But to do to a website, smokers feel that directly using the site's domain letters to do design will be more love.

And then want to do something special, because the light consistent tone is more elegant, and slightly low,

This is a birthday gift, and the light of the pro are relatively young generation, the bright color of the jump seems to be more ideal.

Because of the heavy color of the European and American smokers have a feeling, so the style is still Europe and America.

Then the general idea of the determination of the key words: Text design heavy color colorful European fairy tale.

2. Create a file

Because it is not a print, the resolution does not need to be too high, but also consider the possible use of the homepage,

and to adapt to a variety of common display resolution so it can not be too small.

So smokers use the original canvas resolution is: 1600X120072PX RGB mode black fill.

3. Text design.

Here we start to put the word. Determine the position and perspective relationship of each word.

Smokers choose the composition is centered composition, roughly to put a text in the middle as the middle point, the other text around the middle point.

A composition like the final effect chart.

So first you have to ourshallow the key word (this is not nonsense)

But be aware of:

1. Because want to close and fairy tales, and to take into account the later deformation and stereo rendering,

So smokers in the choice of fonts with the Alexis series of fonts (the end of the tutorial will be released to download)

The reason: This font is relatively flat four edges and thick lines.

2. Font to separate design, so to layered, a layer of a word.

3. The foreground color is set to #2789ba background color set to #164e69 and then enter text.

Start making.

Because the font to do deformation distortion processing, if the text is in the distortion process by small, the final effect will be blurred, such as:

The pattern is relatively small

Distorted patterns can result in blurry effects

So the resolution of the text should be large enough. So let's make all the text as big as possible.

The method is:

A. Select all text Layers

B. Current tool switch to: Move tool

C. Select horizontal Center alignment and vertical center alignment in the top option bar

D. Press Ctrl+t to enable the transform tool and hold down shift with the left mouse button in any corner of the deformed box to pull out.

Until the warp box was more than the entire canvas (when smokers pulled the text to around 3,000 points). Then the carriage return determines.

C. grid all text layers.

E. Start with the first letter.

① because of the font O-letters in the Alexis series, let's get him a little longer.

Select the first O-word layer and use the Rectangular marquee tool to select the lower part of the letter.

As long as the marquee tool is cut across the line between the two sides of the line. Figure:

Then select the Move tool to hold down SHIFT and drag down the marquee:

Deselect, and then select the Rectangular marquee tool to the good position, the letter broken the two sides of the missing to fill.

One thing to note here is that the edges have a semitransparent pixel after the text grid, sorted:

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