Teach you how to use PS to make a slice-block link in a custom section of a Taobao store

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Many sellers are not familiar with the web-making software, as opposed to Dremaweaver software, to understand the PS software to some more, then, for we have never contacted some of the web-made sellers, how to use PS to make a custom section of the advertising picture slice block links, then, Excellent dad will have their own grasp of the things without reservation to everyone, I hope you can make a beautiful custom zone, in this wish everyone business is booming, the whole family health!

To the go!, let ' s

First, in PS to create a width of 730 pixels, highly unlimited, resolution of 72, color RGB mode of the new document.

Second, according to their own design style and content, design a good picture and layout

Third, click on the tool bar in the slice tool in the image according to their needs to cut into the finished slice (the simpler the better), the method is like creating a constituency using the slice tool in the image box selection, this figure I cut three pieces. (The three colors in the picture in the upper-left corner of 01 02 03 is the slice name)

Iv. Create hyperlinks for slices (enter the product introduction interface for easy customer clicks)

1, open the product page, copy the address.

2. Back to PS, use the slice selection tool to double-click the slice of the hyperlink you want to create. The Slice options panel pops up

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