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Offline downloads? How to download resources from the network? I believe that the first time you see "offline download" netizens will have similar questions in their heads. If said "Thunder", I believe netizens will know this famous download tool. Thunderbolt recently released its new "Offline download" function, then what is the thunder of the "offline download" function? In this article, let's explore.

Let's start with a picture in the Thunder official to look at the benefits of using offline downloads.

Figure 1 Benefits of offline downloads

To use the offline download function of thunder, you must register a Thunder account, you can quickly register a thunder account here, you need to explain that this offline download function is not integrated in the Thunderbolt software, but through the Thunderbolt website and Thunder software to achieve the combination.

With the Thunder account, you only need to enter and landing here, you can enjoy the offline download function. Members of the Thunderbolt can directly experience the function, not thunder members of the Thunder Ordinary account, you need to 0 points per day, 12 points, 18 points to register free 3 days experience places.

Figure 2 Registered Thunder account

Fig. 3 The quota of snatching experience

Figure 4 offline Download main interface

From the main interface we can see "Thunder offline Download" covers the common tasks, BT task and the donkey task three kinds of commonly used download types, users can click the corresponding button to start the corresponding function.

Add a common task experience

What is a common task? A common task is a download task that uses an HTTP or FTP protocol. We can click the "Add Common Task" button, and then in the pop-up "Add Task" dialog box in the URL URL to fill in the need to download the task of the address, and then click on "Start Download" can start an offline download task.

To be noted, this download task downloaded to the file, not stored on your local disk, but stored in the Thunder of the server. Therefore, this download task does not occupy the user's network resources and system resources, and its download speed is far greater than our ADSL and other ordinary broadband download speed. After the task is added, the user can completely shut down the computer and let the task download itself on the Thunder server.

Figure 5 Adding a task dialog box

After adding a task, start downloading, the speed is amazing, only need a few seconds of time, "Thunder offline download" task will be completed.

Figure 6 Download List

Offline download completed, these resources are still in the thunder of the server, then, how do we get these resources really back to our computer? Very simple, you can click on the download Task List of a download task file name, then the browser will automatically invoke the Thunderbolt software to download, Then the file is actually downloaded from the Thunder server to our computer disk. If you do not install the Thunderbolt software, you can also download the task back through the browser's normal download mode.

Figure 7 Call Thunderbolt software download

So why bother to download it? Download the resource directly, why not download the task offline to the Thunder server, and then download it from the Thunder server to the local disk?.

I believe that users who often download resources on the Internet will have this experience, due to the user network, the other network and other environmental factors, some resources, especially the download speed of foreign downloads can not reach the user broadband should download speed, some even can reach a few kb/s to more than 10 kb/s download speed, So, in order to download these resources, users have to wait for a long time, not only time-consuming, but also a waste of electricity.

If you download the resource first to the Thunder server, so no matter how long it takes, do not waste our electricity bill (because you can shut down the computer so that the task automatically in the Thunder server). And then from the more stable high-speed Thunder server using 100KB/S or 200kb/s or even higher download speed to download the resource, then download the resources will inevitably reduce the time a lot, this is "Thunder offline download" a big benefit.

Furthermore, if you see a resource that needs to be downloaded, but you are working or games, do not want to download tasks affect your work or games, then, you can use the "Thunder offline download" To download the task back, because "Thunder offline download" Neither consumes your system resources, nor occupy your network bandwidth. Download the task to the Thunder server, you can choose another time to download the resource really back.

It should be noted that when a user adds a task, "Thunderbolt offline download" would like to detect the size of the resource. For the "Thunder offline download" in the storage space, based on user-level differences do have restrictions, when the download task is greater than the remaining space in storage space, you will not be able to add the task.

Figure 8 Insufficient space remaining add task failed

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