Teach you the Database migration "illustrated"

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First of all, we are using Baidu's cloud database, so my task now is to move the cloud database data to the local database above! Because of the field is not unified, and I still novice or a lot of time before the whole good, I hope to help everyone! At the same time, I also gained a lot of ...

First enter our cloud database, this is our user_system_info table

Then click the Export button:

Then click the Execute button, this will automatically generate TXT file, and then start to convert the TXT file into Excel format it!

Then click the Import Data button,

Choose the encoding format, this must be selected correctly!

Then step by step operation, OK!

Then open a see TXT file data has been in accordance with our format on the line layout!

The following is the import of Excel data into our database.

The first thing you can see is that the data inside our database is a null value

Click the Import Wizard to select the Excel file.

Then the data according to the "|" Separated

Then we'll see that the Excel data has been delimited.

You can select a table as a pre-selection,

Then Navicate did a very good thing, is can automatically match the field, which can save me a lot of time!

Then just wait and it's OK. About 1, 2 seconds.

At this point, all the work is done!


Maybe this is not the best way, but it is also a good solution, hoping to be good for everyone .....

Teach you the Database migration "illustrated"

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