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1, show the Quick Launch bar

Windows7 default does not show the Quick Launch bar, use the following method to retrieve the Quick Launch bar. Right-click on the taskbar, select the toolbar, create a new toolbar, and in the pop-up dialog box, enter:%userprofile%appdataroamingmicrosoftinternet Explorerquick Launch, this will pop up the path does not exist prompts, Don't worry about it, click OK, and then there will be a folder called "Quick Launch", select and click "Select Folder" to complete the operation.

2, Gercourt display "My Computer"

By default, the taskbar will have a "library" button, open to the system's "library" folder, if you do not use the library function, you can set this button to open directly into the computer.

Right-click the "Library" button, and then right-click "Windows Explorer", select "Properties", the target (T) column of the value is:%windir%explorer.exe, I just need to add a space and a comma after this string of numbers, click OK to complete the modification.

3, adjust the taskbar position, icon size

Windows7 's task bar is much larger, the arrangement has changed, if not accustomed to, can be adjusted by the property settings.

Right-click in the taskbar blank to select Properties, in the "Taskbar" tab, you can set the size of the taskbar icon, position, Auto hide, you can also set the taskbar button arrangement mode, if you are not accustomed to jumplist list arrangement, you can set the taskbar button to "never merge."

4. Use Right key function

We can drag a variety of programs to the taskbar to quickly start, you are not only using the left mouse button to open this simple function? If you right-click on the icon on the taskbar, you may have new features.

For example, we right-click on the "Library" button, you can find that here will automatically list the commonly used folders to facilitate rapid access; If it is proud to swim such a browser, click the right button icon will also show the most frequently browsed pages, if it is WMP player such software, will also show the most frequently played video, music and so on.

5, with Quickjumplist to create super fast start

Quickjumplist is a homemade Windows7 taskbar enhancement software. Although we can lock a variety of software to the taskbar, but the length of the taskbar is limited, if you often use more software and folders, a long list of icons on the taskbar, it is not good to see, with quickjumplist can solve this problem.

The software has only one file and can be used directly by clicking it. Click on the file can add any software program to the list of the software, the same click on the folder can add any one folder to come in, add complete, and then click the "Create" button, you can just add the content produced into a jumplist list, Then click on the right button we can see just added content, click can be used, if it is convenient, you can lock the software to the taskbar long-term use.

6, the taskbar also need to use glass effect

The Aero glass effects are unique in Vista and Windows7, making the interface look more beautiful. Win7 in the glass effect, you will find that the taskbar jumplist list is still white background black word, and the overall effect a bit inconsistent, so we let this jumplist list also use glass effects.

First install 7stacks This software, although it is in English, but the operation is very simple, after installation, click on the desktop "Create a new 7stack", open the Settings interface. The top "folder to use for stack" column means to set the content displayed in the JumpList list, you can select a file

folder, or the shortcuts to the usual software in one of the folders, and then point to the folder, where the choice is D disk. Other settings remain unchanged, click on the bottom of the "Dreate shortcut on Desktop", which will be generated on the desktop called "Drive D" shortcut, close the software, drag the shortcut to the taskbar lock, and then left-click, you can see gorgeous effect.

7, Gmail message preview

Although Windows7 has the function of sidebar, you can add a variety of gadgets to your desktop, but one problem is that if you want to view the sidebar information while browsing the Web or making a document, you must switch to the desktop to view it unless you set the sidebar tool to display the front end. The front end display can also affect the operation, and it is more convenient to set some important tools to the taskbar display.

Gmail is the most popular mailbox, if you use Gmail under the Windows7, then you must use the "Gmail Notifier Plus" A plug-in, you can directly preview the task bar mail and write new emails and other operations.

Click this software, you can appear in the taskbar a red mail icon, the first use will require you to enter the correct Gmail account information, if the landing is successful, the Aero effect when the mouse on this icon to view the latest mail, click the right button can also carry out other operations.

8, the taskbar display hardware information

Many friends like to view the implementation of computer hardware information in order to deal with the existing problems, usually by injecting "master Lu" such as hardware detection software to view, now we through a few small plug-ins, can let the hardware information in the taskbar display.

I believe you need to know the CPU, the real-time use of memory, we can use "Taskbarcpumeter" and "Taskbarmemorymeter" These two plug-ins, double-click can be displayed in the taskbar, but the two plug-ins are different, Does not show detailed information, but in color to indicate that we can click on the taskbar icon to set the color to indicate CPU and memory usage, to see more convenient.

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