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With the release of Office 365, Microsoft's "Cloud + End" strategy is becoming clearer. With Office 365, Microsoft presents us with a living scene: processing files is not limited by time and place, because there are skydrive synchronized storage, users can communicate with Lync online, or even hold video conferencing, You can also use SharePoint to express your views ... The most important thing is that all of this is across the terminal.

A new generation of office has changed its traditional office scene through cloud computing, while the combination of mobility and social interaction has been favored by many users.

Cloud computing is recognized as a trend in the future, and the flagship cloud-computing Office365 uses a service-ordered sales model, charging much less than traditional licenses, which is one reason Office 365 has been hot-won. Given that Office 365 is different from the previous Office suite, this article makes a careful introduction to the installation manuals for Office 365 Home Advanced Editions, to answer questions about this process for friends who need it.

In fact, the Office 365 Home Advanced version of the installation of the main three steps: 1, with a Microsoft account, 2, to activate Office 365 Home Advanced version of the key, 3, install the trial Office 365 Home Advanced Edition. The next small series describes these three steps.

First, registered Microsoft account

1. There is no doubt that if you want to use Office 365, you must have a Microsoft account, and if you already have a Microsoft account, ignore this step. No Microsoft account friends, you can open the browser, type http://www.outlook.com, click on the lower right of the page "register now."

"Figure: Register Microsoft account Now"

2. Enter the registration interface, follow the Registration wizard prompts and requirements to fill in the registration information.

"Figure: Fill in the Microsoft Account Registration Information"

3. After completing the registration, enters the Microsoft account mailbox which has just registered to carry on the activation, after activating, already may use this account the mailbox, the SkyDrive and other related service.

"Figure: Complete Registration"

Ii. Activate the Office 365 Advanced edition key

After registering the Microsoft account, you can activate the Office 365 Home Advanced Edition key.

1. First open the browser, open "https://officesetup.getmicrosoftkey.com/", into the activation interface.

"Figure: Product Key Interface"

2. Click on the upper right corner of the "login" to enter the login interface, enter the Office 365 home to the senior moderator account number and password, that is, just you registered Microsoft account, and then click "Login." Login successful, return to the key input interface, enter your purchase key number, click to start using.

3. In the pop-up window, select the country/region and language category, select Complete, click "Continue"

"Figure: Select country/region and language category"

4. Pop-up window will display "Set up account", at this time a little wait. After waiting, enter the office account interface, at which time the key has been activated and can be used for installation.

"Figure: Key has been activated"

Third, install the trial Office 365 Home Advanced Edition

After the Office 365 Home Advanced Edition is activated, you will need your computer to install Office 365 applications to use, so the next step is to install the Office 365 Advanced Edition.

1. Open the browser, login http://www.office.com, click on the top right "login".

"Figure: Log on to Office Web site"

2. Select the Microsoft account option in the pop-up window.

"Figure:" Select "Microsoft account"

3. Enter the login interface, use the first step registered Microsoft account number and password to log in.

"Figure: Sign in to Office"

4. After logging into the Office account interface, click on the "My Account" option at the top of the screen.

"Figure: My Account"

5. At this time will enter the installation management interface, click "INSTALL (Installation)", this interface can choose the installation language, to view the installation of host names and other related information.

Note that regardless of your system, even if your computer is running a 64-bit version of Windows, Microsoft also recommends using a 32-bit version of Office. Because 32-bit versions can avoid compatibility issues with third-party add-ons that apply to Office. However, the small series installed in the 32-bit version of Office is not installed, and then selected 64-bit Office for installation. If a friend encounters a similar situation, install the following procedure.

The specific action is to click on the page "Other installation Options" to expand the installation options, and then select the 64-bit version.

"Figure: Version selection for Office"

6. After clicking, the "Install startup file" will pop up under the screen and click "Run"

"Figure: Running Office"

7. Next, the desktop will eject the Red Office installation window

"Figure: Running Office"

8. When the red window is loaded to 100%, the White Office Welcome Installation Interface pops up and the user account is automatically connected.

"Figure: Office Welcome to the installation Interface"

9. The account connection completes, clicks the window right bottom corner "next", the window automatically plays Newoffice welcome animation.

"Figure: New Office Welcome Animation"

10. Automatically connect the account, follow the prompts to enter the next step, and then enter the new feature introduction interface, where you can click "View" or "No, no thank you"

"Figure: View new Features"

11. At this point, enter the transfer process, the next window will show the progress of office delivery installation. When the transfer progress reaches 100%, the installation of the Office 365 Advanced Edition is completed.

At this point you can start to use the powerful features that Office 365 brings.

"Figure: New Office Complete Installation"

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