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The files downloaded on the Internet will often be divided into several files, reading up very inconvenient, this tutorial for you to introduce how to quickly merge multiple txt files.

Also select the TXT document you want to merge to compress

  Step 1: First select multiple TXT documents that need to be merged, and then click the right mouse button, select the "win-rar-Add to Compressed file" command in the pop-up menu, the Compress file name and Parameters window appears, name the compressed file in the General tab, and Compress the "Save" item in the Drop-down box to select and click OK to exit.

Select the compression mode for storage

  Step 2: After the file is compressed, right-click the compressed file, select the "rename" command in the pop-up menu, and then change the compressed file's extension rar to txt, click "Enter", and the system appears "If you change the file name extension, it may cause the file to be unavailable." Are you sure you want to change it? Prompt dialog box, click "Yes" directly.

Duplicate file name above compressed (in TXT format)

  Step 3: after the extension changes, double-click and open the completed merge of the TXT document, the document on the top of a few lines of garbled delete, and then "save", so it is done, the effect is as follows:

TXT document Merge successful

Well, the above is about how to combine multiple TXT documents into a document, how, did not expect to have this trick. In fact, this method is often more practical, especially the document is very long, if the direct copy and then paste the efficiency is bound to be very low, if you think this article is good, remember to tell your friends around.

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