Teach you to use MHDD to repair hard drive bad path

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MHDD is a Russian maysoft company produced professional hard disk tool software, with a lot of other hard disk tool software can not match the powerful features, now professional hard disk repair personnel with or MHDD this software, this shows MHDD powerful computer use for a long time, hard disk will appear a variety of problems, The most common problem is hard drive bad path, then the hard disk has the main manifestation of bad DAO?

1. Boot speed is slower than before

2. Copying files is slow and sometimes errors even when reading and writing files

3. There is a noise when the hard drive is running

4. Hard drive self-test

If the bad DAO is less, we can use MHDD software to shield the bad DAO, can get unexpected result, below take my wd500g notebook for example, carry on the hard drive Bad Channel Shield

This is my notebook in the recent situation, the boot of the hard drive self-test, hard drive self-test, need to press the space bar before the self-test to enter the system normally

At this point, we can use MHDD scan the hard drive, detect the hard disk condition.

Now the PE in the toolbox comes with MHDD hard disk detection tool, it is important to note that in the motherboard BIOS check the hard disk mode, whether it is the AHCI mode or IDE mode, MHDD is unable to scan the hard drive in the case of AHCI mode

Save BIOS settings, restart press F12 to enter the boot entry selection screen, as shown in the following figure.

Choose 1, that is, my USB flash drive, this does not have to say, as long as the system has been re-installed know how to do

Run the hard disk Memory detection scan Tool menu.

Run MHDD hard Drive detection

The picture is not very clear, do not think you are more than the dizzy, is my hand shaking, here do not move, directly hit enter

As you can see, option 8 is my wd500g, press 8, hit enter, this interface appears

Start LBA fills in the start sector of your hard drive bad path end LBA fills in your hard drive bad channel ending sector.

Remap Select on to open the repair function.

Timeout is usually the default for time.

Loop/test REPAIR set to on indicates that this is repeated erase can be repaired to play solid bad road.

The ERASE is off to indicate shutdown.

Setup complete, press F4 to start the repair.

If you want to heal, you have to go to the doctor first, press F4 for a full scan!

Entered the hard disk scanning interface, each long block represents 255 sectors (in LBA mode) or 63 sectors (in CHS mode), the scanning process can be terminated at any time by pressing the ESC key, the block from top to bottom indicates from normal to abnormal, read and write speed from fast to slow. Normally, only the first and second gray squares should appear, and if a light gray square (the third block) appears, it takes more time to read it, and if the green and brown squares (fourth and fifth squares) are present, the exception is read, but there is no bad path, and if there is a red square (sixth, That is, the last block), which means that the reading is laborious, the bad path is generated immediately, and if there is a question mark, it means that there is a read error, there is a serious physical bad word and cannot be repaired. If a red X appears, it means read errors here, there are bad lanes, can be repaired, or can be masked.

Before testing, be sure to prepare a good paper and pens, remember the location of the hard drive bad path, if the hard drive bad road slightly more, in the lower right corner is displayed. As shown in figure, the bad channel position in 91545

After the hard disk scan is finished, press F4 interface, select the first item, select Start LBA, enter 90000, and then select Remap, hit enter, the option to On,remap is to add the bad channel to the bad lane interval table, shielding the bad road speed is very fast, do not see the shielding process is finished, According to this method, the remaining bad lanes are also shielded

This method is only used for hard drives with fewer bad lanes, and often unexpected results after shielding bad lanes, and finally don't forget to change the hard drive mode to AHCI mode in the motherboard BIOS!!!

MHDD Low Lattice method

HDD low grid is useful for solving some problems, such as malignant virus, logical bad way

Press ESC, the interface appears, and then enter the erase confirmation

Enter 0 to confirm

Enter the number in parentheses to confirm

Add: Bad way very few, please use remap can, if too many, need to use erasedelays but this method, do not recommend easy to use, in some hard disk use this parameter will appear the phenomenon that the disk is not recognized. Too many bad way!

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