Teach you to use PS to make chocolate diamond word effect

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Final Effect Chart

1. Create a new 660x200 pixel document with white background. With a thicker font (such as impact, font size 140Pt,) to write text, if not too ideal, you can use the Freeform tool zoom, move to the center of the document with the Mobile tool.

2. Grid layer, load selection, select Glass twist filter, twist degree of 20, smoothness of 1, texture for small lens, zoom to 55%, deselect.

3. Double-click the Layers panel, open the Layer style options, select strokes, size 10 pixels, Position Center, fill type Select gradient, select the copper gradient in the gradient list, and the rest in default mode.

4. Then the bevel and emboss effect, select the stroke relief in the style, the method is smooth, the depth is 1000%, the direction is on, the size is 10 pixels, softens to 0 pixels; Select ring in the shaded gloss contour list, antialiasing, and the rest by default. Now, the metal texture is coming out.

5. The following color work to be done, we want to give the text gold color, of course, with hue/saturation command, but if you paint now, you will find that the change is only black and white patterns, the metal part has not changed. To make this part of the change, you must separate the layer effect from the layer, and only when the layer effect is a separate layer can we work on it. Right-click on the effect, select Create Layer from the pop-up menu, this is more than three layers on our original layer, select the top embossed darkened layer, create a new layer on it, fill with 50% grayscale; press ALT and click between Layer 1 and darkened relief layer to group You can see the gray section covering the original metal part; Change the blending mode of layer 1 to "soft light"; now you can rest assured that the bold hue/saturation command to adjust the color, my choice is hue 50, saturation 100, brightness 0.

6. Finally, fill the background with black, create a new layer on layer 1, and use a different size star white gun to spray on the flash as a dot.

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