Teach you to use Windows7 "BitLocker" encrypted disk

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First, start BitLocker, encrypt the disk

In the WINDOWS7 system, the disk encryption is very simple, with the system built-in "BitLocker" function, simple three steps can be a disk lock.

First step: Set the password. Move the mouse pointer over the disk that you want to encrypt, right-click, select Start from the pop-up shortcut menu, eject the BitLocker Drive Encryption window, select encryption, and output the password (Figure 1).

▲ Figure 1 Setting the password

Step two: Store the key. Click Next to go to the Storage Recovery Key window, click Save Recovery Key to file, save the key in TXT file format to your local hard disk, and click Print Recovery key to print the key through the printer (Figure 2).

▲ Figure 2 Storing passwords

Step three: Start encryption. Click "Next" to go to the "ready to encrypt Drive" window, click the "Start Encryption" button, Windows7 start encrypting the disk, the encryption process will display the progress bar, the completion of the encryption will pop-up prompts the window, the encrypted disk, the letter will appear on the small lock flag (Figure 3).

▲ Figure 3 Starting encryption

Tip: When you use "BitLocker" to encrypt a disk, you can log on and use the file normally, but "btlocker" automatically blocks hackers and unauthorized users from accessing the drive. When you add a new file to an encrypted drive, BitLocker automatically encrypts the files and the files remain encrypted until they are stored in the encrypted drive, and the files that are copied to the other drive are decrypted.

Second, turn off BitLocker and decrypt the disk

In the WINDOWS7 system, not only can you easily lock the disk, but also the decryption operation is very simple, you can "turn off BitLocker" to achieve disk decryption.

Click start → control Panel, open Control Panel, click System and Security, go to the System and Security window, click BitLocker Drive Encryption, go to the BitLocker Drive Encryption window, and locate the BitLocker Drive Encryption entry. Click "Turn off BitLocker" after the encrypted disk and click "Decrypt Drive" in the pop-up small window to complete the disk decryption (Figure 4).

▲ Figure 4 Disk decryption

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