Teacher Yi is the hero of the world and the Idol song of my generation.

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Teacher Yi is the hero of the world and the Idol song of my generation.

Source: Yi Zhongba (Baidu, China)

Make three orders with sixteen words


Hundreds of forums

Merit and sin

Honor and Disgrace are not counted


Unbiased and mediocre

Three Kingdoms

Xiao Se and Qiu Feng


Han Dynasty

Blow horn

History boom


Longtaosha Yi Zhongtian

Lushan district, Wuhan

Lingguang's first appearance

Intelligence, poetry, and power Jiang Guan

Lingfeng Xuan, Xiamen Island


Over the past millennium

Yi Zhongtian

Evaluation of the Three Kingdoms and the Han Dynasty

Spring Breeze



Qinyuan spring Yi Zhongtian

Zhongtian article


Lu haipan Jiang

Feng Zhifeng

Mountain height

Yi Lang's appreciation

Dang Shu su Huang

White Horse kingdom


Desert solitary smoke

More than 10 years

View the Gold List


Xiliubang Xiang Yu

Omitted Literary Talents

Mengde Gongjin

Slightly less cool

Generation qijie

Zhuge Wolong

Fifty-five original autumn colors are thick



Mr. Shi

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