Team at the beginning--dreamcatcher

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Our team, team name is Dreamcatcher, Chinese meaning is chasing the dreamer, it is a song, belongs to the album is the dawn of the new century.

This is a very good song, there is a word in the lyrics is:

I ' m a dream catcher

Dream catcher

(I'm a dreamer.)

Let my dream catch ya

Dream catcher

(Let me hold on to your dream)

This is our voice, we want to seize the dream, belong to our dream, we are the people who chase the dream, do the dawn of the new century, this dream is too big, but at least we can do their own heart of the dawn.

We have no team training, if the hard to say, may be our team name, chasing the dreamer, we have a team song: Dream Catcher.

Our team is very love, is a three-man and two women of the standard work not tired configuration.

Captain: Li Baoquan, AKA: Libaobao .... Our captain is a high technical level of the great God, but also our class of the school, the end of the time will always help us to review, good temper, have not seen him angry, but also very patient, we will not be the problem will be careful to help us answer.

Member Number one: Wang Far, in the team do not love to talk, but in fact, is a very lively girl, should be because the team is in the running-in period, so a little shy, but very serious and very careful.

Member No. Second: He Yu, is our class of the sports Commission, the character is very cheerful, we in the discussion group often can see him talk, for not things, all like to hold the attitude of learning, belong to the hard type.

Member No. Third: Lu Zhongheng, we all call him two elder brother, belong to the silence type of bar, very stable, similar to our team's fixed Poseidon needle?! Like Big Brother, take care of us, some ideas are also very mature.

Member No. Fourth: Zou Peng Hua, the sum, the comparison is not good evaluation himself, should belong to what will be a little but also only a bit of the kind, hope to learn more and Li Baoquan, but also hope that the team can make good things!

Team type, we agree that our team is a better type.

First, we three men and two women, male and female collocation, work not tired.

Second, there are professional and technical strong people, can lead everyone forward.

Third, the captain is very responsible, and very patient, willing to make progress together.

Four, the people in the team are very serious and very diligent.

Five, all of the team's character is very good, the running time is relatively short, help team project development.

After our discussion, we feel that the Software engineering course takes a better team model.

A person alone too lonely, the future we want to do the project can not be their own completion, two people can only be considered a match, there is a team shadow but not completely.

Five people are like a small team that can simulate what happens when we work in the future and help us work later. Five people need to run, need to be tolerant to each other, can be the bad side of our character reflected, and corrected. The ability and potential to burst out when we can federative is endless.

Team at the beginning--dreamcatcher

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