Team Project Proposal: camera photography recommendations based on aesthetic quality-by haisong

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Currently, mobile phone products with tens of millions of pixels can be seen everywhere. However, when users are pursuing high-definition photos, they also want their photos to be more aesthetic. Therefore, I propose to build a photography recommendation system to evaluate the lighting, composition, and quality of photos while taking photos, and provide a better shooting angle and method, to improve the quality of photos.

I think this system can complete the following functions:

1. Photo rating: based on the user's photography results and based on the aesthetic quality evaluation method, the photo quality is scored.


2. Specify the foreground: allow the user to specify the foreground area and focus automatically to prevent blurred foreground.

3. Photography recommendation: evaluates images based on functions and provides suggestions for better shooting methods.


Project Analysis:

1. Demand: As mentioned above, the beauty of the heart, all people have.

I believe that if this project is well developed, it will be highly welcomed and sought after.

2. Method: From the Perspective of implementation, aesthetic quality evaluation is a basic and extremely core technology, but it has a great theoretical and algorithm reference significance in the field of computer vision.

Of course, in order to maximize the user experience, the speed and efficiency of algorithms are also very high.

3. Benefits: As mentioned above, it is mainly to give users a suggestion to take a better picture.

4. Competition: Software of the same type focuses more on the overall illumination intensity, focus, and other factors, and does not focus enough on users' specific needs.

The software takes into account the actual purpose of the user to get more beautiful images.



The above is my personal proposal. The drafting of specific team projects should be carefully discussed, revised, and improved based on the nabc analysis method.


Team Project Proposal: camera photography recommendations based on aesthetic quality-by haisong

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