Technical Comparison of topology graph software (reprinted)

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Technical Comparison of Topology Graph Software

1. javascript technology

1) topology map plug-in using jquery

Jquery. topology. js component, jquery component, can be searched by Baidu or Google, for example.

Advantage: Good browser compatibility and high speed.

Disadvantage: it is not very beautiful, and it is not good to show too many images.

2. Applet Technology

1) There are mainly prefuse, jgraph, touchgraph, vizster, etc. Many of them are relational graphs. The graphs are dynamic and beautiful, but it is difficult to transform the source code (you need to replace the node with the corresponding image ), in addition, the applet is embedded in JSP, which has high network requirements.

Advantage: The image is dazzling.

Disadvantage: It is difficult to modify the code. You need to replace the node with an image. You need to consider the support of different browsers for jre in different systems.

2) using zhtelecombasis. jar is an open-source software of itopoview, but the source code is not published. At first, the source code of jar is obtained by using JD-jui decompilation.

Advantage: There are many graphic elements. You can customize node classes to create different physical devices.

Disadvantage: You need to write code to control the image location. If there are too many elements, the graphic display will be chaotic and the appearance will be affected.

3. Flash technology

Mainly include birdeye and springgraph. The image is beautiful and the code is written in ActionScript. Many browsers support flash, which is easier to use. One difference between birdeye and springgraph is that it does not float freely and has good results. If you do not want to see the double-click event, you can also modify the source code.

Advantage: The spacing of graphic elements is automatically adjusted, Which is dazzling and beautiful.

Disadvantage: the backend uses the HTTP service to generate XML data. If the XML data volume is too large, the speed will decrease accordingly.

4. Summary from:

Based on the above technical analysis, the birdeye graph is used to control the background color and customize the node image of the graph. The specific effect is shown in:

Technical Comparison of topology graph software (reprinted)

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