Technical Discussion and prevention measures for brute-force FTP server cracking

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Technical Discussion and prevention measures for brute-force FTP server cracking

With the development of the Internet, a large number of silly hacking tools have emerged, and the threshold for any hacker attack means has been greatly reduced. However, the creation of brute force cracking tools has become very easy, we usually think that the brute-force cracking attack is only an attack on an FTP server. Is it representative? Can be expanded to other networks? Or on the server? Of course, the answer is yes. There is no technical principle for brute-force cracking of this software. It is a one-to-one test until the correct password is obtained, that is, the attack is successful. However, this method is less likely to be successful, takes a lot of time, and has low technical components. It is not a last resort. In the actual situation of the network, although many FTP servers have undergone layer-by-layer security protection, even the protected FTP server can be easily adjusted by attackers after the attack method is adjusted, use brute-force cracking to make quick breakthroughs. This article describes the impact of various attack technologies on servers, analyzes in detail the relationship between network bandwidth and the bandwidth consumed by attacks, the impact of CPU clock speed and attacks, and introduces distributed brute force cracking, A breakthrough in common security policies, finally launched the killer software to block brute force cracking. This article is a wonderful article for network management personnel to refer to and use when formulating security protection policies during their work. The consequences of illegal use are at your own risk! Full text see:

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