Technical implementation of no-refreshing chat rooms

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Let's briefly describe
Use a program to generate the required XML file
Use XMLHTTP or DSO (note status) to regularly refresh required data
It is relatively easy for DSO to map to recordset.
The following is a simple and simple example of what I wrote to play.
Only code snippets, but it is sufficient for technical reference.
MSXML 4.0 is required
On the server side, I wrote two constructors: Chat content chat users.
<Script language = "JScript" runat = "server">
Function SLIGHTBOYChat ()
This. ID;
This. XMLDOMElement = Server. CreateObject ("Msxml2.FreeThreadedDOMDocument. 4.0 ")
This. Add = function (Name, Content, Append)
Var root = this.XMLDOMElement.doc umentElement;
Var newItem = this. XMLDOMElement. createElement ("Item ");
Var newItemName = this. XMLDOMElement. createElement ("Name ");
Var newItemNameValue = this. XMLDOMElement. createCDATASection (Name );
NewItemName. appendChild (newItemNameValue)
Var newItemContent = this. XMLDOMElement. createElement ("Content ");
Var newItemContentValue = this. XMLDOMElement. createCDATASection (Content );
NewItemContent. appendChild (newItemContentValue)
Var newItemAppend = this. XMLDOMElement. createElement ("Append ");
NewItemAppend. text = Append;
NewItem. appendChild (newItemName );
NewItem. appendChild (newItemContent );
NewItem. appendChild (newItemAppend );
If (root. childNodes. length> 10)
Root. removeChild (root. firstChild)
Root. appendChild (newItem)
This. Save = function ()
Application ("ChatContent") = this. XMLDOMElement. xml;
This. GUID = function (PushGUID)
If (PushGUID. Count> 0)
This. ID = PushGUID;
This. ID = "";
This. Xml = function ()
If (this. ID! = "")
Var XMLDOMElementString = "<? Xml version = "1.0" encoding = "gb2312"?> <Chat> ";
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