"Technical note" iOS10, Appcan has been fully adapted!

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IPhone 7 out , is your kidney OK? Don't worry, don't buy kidney 7, You can also experience the latest iOS10!

Appcan has made an important upgrade to the engine, plug-in, compilation system and so on, making your app easy to fit iOS10! How, please look down!


mobile phone replacement, the system is not broken upgrade. The minimum supported system version of Appcan IOS engine is updated to 8.0. a system below 8.0? Legacy engines continue to be reserved for you, Poke here to download! (http://t.cn/RVL1oAs)

Privacy Rights  

according to Apple requires that privacy rights be configured on the IOS10 system to access user privacy data.

Configuration method:

Add the following fields to the config:

<config desc= "" type= "authority" >

<permission platform= "IOS" info= "privacy" type= "$type" >

<string> $description </string>




1) Each permission node represents a kind of privacy rights;

2)info= "privacy" is a fixed value , as a flag, it indicates that this is a privacy permission configuration;

3)type= "$type" $type requires user Configuration , indicating which type of privacy to configure Permissions , User-configured $type must be in the following table type One , Otherwise, this configuration is invalid and will be ignored;

4) There should be only one string node in each permission node , and the extra string nodes will be ignored;

5) $description within a string node require user Configuration and can be any string that represents The Description field that is displayed to the user when the APP requests permissions.

Example :

To use the Uexvideo plugin to record video , microphone and camera permissions are required, then the corresponding config configuration reference is as follows:

<config desc= "Privacyconfig" type= "authority" >

<permission platform= "IOS" info= "privacy" type= "Camera" >

<string>appcan recording video requires camera </string>


<permission platform= "IOS" info= "privacy" type= "Microphone" >

<string>appcan Recording video requires a microphone </string>



Plug - ins

we have updated all the plugins to run smoothly in iOS10 .

Some of these plug-in interfaces require privacy rights configuration:

Uexaudio ( microphone Access )

Uexbaidumap ( location Rights )

Uexbaidunavi ( location Rights )

Uexcamera ( webcam access )

Uexcontact ( Address Book Permissions )

Uexcreditcardrec ( webcam access )

Uexdevice ( bluetooth access )

Uexgaodemap ( location Rights )

Uexgaodenavi ( location Rights )

Ueximage ( album Permissions )

Uexlocation ( location Rights )

Uexscanner ( webcam access )

Uexsensor ( sensor permissions )

Uexshakeview ( sensor permissions )

Uexunisound ( microphone Access )

Uexvideo ( Microphone Permissions , camera Permissions

Push Configuration

according to On Apple 's request , The use of push functionality on iOS10 systems requires configuration.

Configuration method:

when using the push feature , add the following fields in config .

<config desc= "" type= "entitlements" >

<entitlement type= "APNs" ></entitlement>


where both "entitlements" and "APNs" are fixed values.

Compiling the system

to match the engine, plug-in, the Appcan compilation system was also upgraded.

In this way, by using the latest version of the engine and plug-ins, configure the relevant congif file,the APP can be perfectly adapted to iOS10 , almost 6 to fly and fly ! details can be logged in http://bbs.appcan.cn/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=53266, experience ~

"Technical note" iOS10, Appcan has been fully adapted!

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