Technical Talents, don't be the ones you hate

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A brilliant speech by a talented girl from Peking University is worth your consideration.

I am a law school student. Every professor in my class once said this in his class. They often say, "The law is so stipulated, but in real life ......"
Real life is a magical life. In real life, honest people who respect the rules are often unknown for the rest of their lives. On the contrary, those who resort to frauds will be charged in the end, young people like me often come and pat you on the shoulders with experienced predecessors and say, "Young people, you still don't understand!"
I want to ask: What can you do for the world, young people?
One day, the bank president will be in the 90 s, the entrepreneurs will be in the 90 s, and even the country President will be in the 90 s. When the whole society is occupied by the 90 s, I want to ask you in the 90 s: "What do you want to turn this society?"
I know that not everyone can be the one who stands on the cusp to grasp the fate of the country. You and I are nothing more common than small people, is a small screw on this huge social machine. When I was studying, my parents raised their ears every day and said, "You don't want to delay me in learning what you do, when a company takes care of itself, it is forced to get married and buy a house. It will take the best 20 years to repay the loan when you are young ...... Let every young man live with no dream, no time to care about politics, no time to care about the environment, no time to care about the fate of the country, how can he do anything for this society?
But then I found that there is still one thing that you and I can do. This is what our generation of people will never get worse when we get old, don't be the adult you hate most when you are young! If you go to a roadside stall in the future, you should not sell digou oil snacks. You should not be short-cut. If you start a factory to become a boss in the future, you should not cut corners and produce defective products. It is of great significance for an ordinary person to be a good person in his ordinary post, because every one of us is destined to change the world after being born.
I am a legal student. If I will be a fair and strict judge in the future, then this society will become a little better because I have a good judge. I hope everyone will remember that even if you are given 100,000 reasons to do evil, you must maintain your own ethics and bottom line. Just for one reason, this reason is, you are not an animal, you are a person.
I also hope that all of us in the 90 s will become the kind of rare young people who have been fighting for evil for the rest of their lives. They will never follow the trend, and you will never turn your eyes off, you will never give up on your own principles. You will never be disappointed with human nature ...... So my dear post-90s, if there will be people who will say to you, "Young people, don't get used to it, you have to adapt to this society !" At this time, you should face him like a real warrior. You told him: "I am different from you. I am not here to adapt to society. I am here to change society !"

Every person who wants to make a contribution to the society should think carefully. Technical Talents, don't be the kind of person you hate-your code is too spam. You may not even know what you did or why you did it.

Technical Talents, don't be the ones you hate

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