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Recently, I joined the Internet project with several brothers. In fact, they had already completed their work in, and the front-end guy was temporarily tempted to pat his ass and leave. I think it's a pity that I decided to take them to produce a good result. Project management is difficult to believe that projects can be achieved and complete small tasks step by step as imagined. To test the success or failure of a project, efforts are often made, rather than capabilities. When the team encounters difficulties and is confused, are you still firm. This is determined in two ways:

First, you believe that, and know that projects will always encounter such difficulties, as long as you work at the pace, there will always be good results. Can you see this result with your experience and perseverance. However, this is not enough. You must make your team have such hopes that even if they don't see the heat, the team should be able to see the faint light. In my experience, most projects are at this stage. Once we encounter resistance and accidents, we have doubts about the decision we made at the beginning. This is absolutely undesirable. At this time, it was a sea of sky. This also makes your team form an invisible threshold, which many people cannot see. This is your advantage.

Second, do not forget your mind. This determination is a strong belief in our initial intentions. We will encounter specific difficulties in specific periods. These difficulties are different. We need to solve these difficulties that plague the team based on the facts, the bottom line is not to forget our initial intentions. What are we going to do? Are these decisions against our initial intentions.


When I was in the management team, I had a deeper view on architecture design. One of my requirements for core developers is that whoever owns the permissions of our GitHub repository can use git clone and install. sh, run. SH is a few simple steps to run our project on your computer. At that time, this was a consideration for the current project staffing. Later I found that, even with a complete development team, the loose architecture is necessary to streamline the configuration. As we all know, there are usually two things that take the most time: Environment configuration and debugging. We need to reduce the difficulty of Environment configuration to avoid unnecessary time consumption. For debugging, using logs and hot loading can greatly reduce the time consumption related to debugging.

We often mention high cohesion when learning software design or software engineering. This opportunity will allow me to look at the meaning of high cohesion from the engineering perspective. Ideally, a features set of our project can be seamlessly integrated in the project. We are webpage-related development. For function set developers, they do not need to know much about the outside. They can create a directory and add the corresponding URLs ing in it, related resource files, corresponding business code, and so on. These should be placed in the same folder on the object, and these required options are automatically loaded when the framework is loaded without additional configuration. In the project, we can outsource this function set and give it to a person, so that he can develop it step by step. This is high cohesion.

If you want to expand it, it will also involve some other software design knowledge. For example, the software should be open to expansion and closed to modification. In the end, the implementation of many functional sets is actually just a plug-in of the system, and the system is extended using the existing functional interfaces of the system.


Recently, my work has been very busy, and there are many things. For me, it is very important to break down these things and record them in Google Keep.

Technique and Tool

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