Techniques for "encrypting" various documents with the WPS mobile version

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Nowadays, with the popularization of mobile interconnection, people can carry out mobile office with the help of flat plate. But data security is also followed, such as the loss of data caused by the leakage of information, will undoubtedly lead to "economic losses." However, MO is reminded that if the use of WPS Mobile version, can be directly on the plate to the Office documents "Encryption", so that business documents only authorized users to view or edit, the following Mo teach you how to use WPS Mobile version of encryption and protection of Office documents.

Figure 1,wps Mobile version of the encrypted word/excel/ppt document

First, just like Mo, install the WPS Mobile version on your tablet. After running the Office document to be encrypted, if it is word or WPS document, simply switch to the WPS mobile version of the "other" navigation bar, and then click the "Encrypt document" icon, enter a password to save it, when you open the document later, you are prompted to enter the correct password, otherwise you cannot open

For PPT presentation documents in PPT/PPTX or DPS format, if you want to encrypt the protection, after opening the PPT presentation document, the finger Point WPS Mobile Interface in the upper right corner of the "P" icon, and then switch to the "view" Navigation bar, click the "Encrypt document" icon, in the "Open permissions" under the password can be entered.

At the same time, MO also saw that for the PPT presentation document encryption settings, the WPS Mobile version also supports the modification of encryption password, which is very helpful to the business people who often touch the demo document. When you set the password and save the document, you will be prompted to save the local or Jinshan fast, it seems that the WPS Mobile version for online office has a good support.

It is believed that most financial personnel, like Mo, often deal with various data tables, and it is often a matter of viewing, editing, or modifying Excel form documents. To encrypt an Excel document, simply "encrypt the document" in the WPS Mobile Interface navigation Bar, then enter the encryption password, simple and convenient, encrypted form data must have a password to unlock the view.

When encrypting an Excel document, MO also sees a "protection" feature icon on the WPS mobile interface. Click to enter, showing the "Protect Workbook" and "Protect Worksheet" two major options, if you do not want someone to open or modify your workbook, then select "Protect Workbook", enter the password and save, Others will not see the table work thin.

After a MO test found that after the workbook is protected, the WPS Mobile version also protects important data on certain ranges of cells in a worksheet by selecting Protect Sheet, selecting enable protection in options, and switching to the password option if you want to choose protection options, You can enter the protection password for the worksheet.

Summary: As a mobile office software, WPS Mobile version not only perfect support for various formats of Office document viewing and editing, but also added to the document encryption protection function, which is very useful for business people who focus on data security. If you often use flat-panel mobile office, and the data security has special needs, may wish to experience the WPS Mobile version of it!

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