Techniques for fast data entry of WPS forms

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First, reduce the number of mouse dependencies and invalid keystrokes

We may have done a lot of "hard work" typing data into the WPS form, but we didn't notice it. Input data, the general choice of horizontal input or vertical input. Horizontal input and vertical input can be used on the keyboard "tab" key and "Enter" key to switch to the next cell to continue typing.

Why do we do a lot of "hard work" when we enter data? When we entered the horizontal, F1 cell entry to switch to the A2 cell when the key will need to keystroke many times, with the mouse, the hand will leave the keyboard. Vertical entry also has such a problem.

To speed up entry, you need to reduce the number of mouse dependencies and invalid keystrokes. The methods described below can effectively reduce the number of keystrokes on the mouse when data is entered. Select the cells you want to enter data with the mouse, and the cells that appear as anti-white are the active cells

Then start to input data, the active cell record, if you choose to enter data across the keyboard to the "tab" key to switch to the next cell; If you choose to vertical input data, keep pressing the ENTER key on the keyboard to switch to the next cell. If you have a cell in the front of the error, you can press the "Shift+tab" key or the "Shift+enter" key on your keyboard to return and select the cell that entered the error.

Second, batch input the same data and formula

With the mouse to select the need to enter the same data or formula cells, in the formula bar input data or formulas, and then press the "Ctrl+enter" key on the keyboard can be. To enter the same formula as an example, select the bulk input formula cell, and then in the formula bar, type the corresponding formulas for the active cell, press the "Ctrl+enter" key on the keyboard.

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