Ted Neward predicts that the 2006 technology trend says that the halo of Ajax is no longer

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The technical prophecy was translated by Xmatrix and posted on his blog, and the original author was Ted neward,ted Neward, author of effective Enterprise java.

1, the halo of Ajax no longer, people began to realize that there is no new gadgets, but only DHTML. As Dion points out, Ajax is going to be a toolbox for your web development instead of thinking that I'm "using Ajax," like our attitude toward using HTML and DOM.

2. The release of EJB3 has again drawn attention, but hopefully this time it will bring more real things and less to see (indeed EJB has a place in the Java world, but notice that he is much less than most EJB vendors and book authors expect).

3, Vista will be delayed to 2007, although Microsoft has been very hard. But at the same time, WinFX is more effective. NET3.0) will be released as scheduled, and you will find that the workflow (WWF) will be more interesting than the WPF/WCF/WWF trio. Notice what I'm saying here is not "stronger" or "more important", but "interesting".

4, the scripting language will reach his peak in 2006. Converting to Ruby will run into a pole, and maybe in the second half of 2006 we'll hear a major project using Ruby fail, probably a larger consulting firm trying to replicate the success of Ruby's preacher has not yet been well understood. In other words, the same story, different technology, the same result. Ruby may go downhill by 2007.

5. Interest in connecting dynamic and static languages is growing, initially as E4x,ecmascipt integration of XML variants.

6. Java developers began to increase their interest in rich Java apps. (Frankly, this is a bet, but Sun's swing researchers have done this, possibly reaching their golden age in the middle of 2006)

7, some of the internal Microsoft began to strongly request the CLR team to increase the support of the Save point (continuation), the highlights will be in the 4.0 release version of support.

8, "Effective Java Programming" (Effective Java second Edition) will be published.

9, "effective." NET programming (Effective). NET) will be published.

10, "Real XML Service" (Pragmatic XML services) will be published.

11, JDK6 will release, a large group of people claiming to be experts in the Java Community claim that it is worth looking forward to.

12. Java developers are beginning to discuss features that need to be added and changed in JDK7. There are many new ideas that have been put forward and hope that most of them can be achieved. Fortunately, Joshua Bloch and Neal Gafter will continue to participate in the process of improvement, and will come up with more powerful ideas and make them come true.

13. My greater expectations, not just the 2006 prediction, is that sun can recognize that the Java platform is not only a language, but also a platform, and gives more trust and expectation to build a system that supports a multilingual JVM platform.

14, my biggest dream is to get JBoss out of the business platform and return its source code to developers who are dedicated to maintaining open source projects rather than making money, just like those guys who developed the Geronimo project. In other words, the open source community wants to stop the civil War and work together in the same direction.

Original address: Http://blogs.tedneward.com/CommentView,guid,771ab347-c3ba-4a0a-b5ed-cd4dd7b73d49.aspx

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