Telnet to the Linux server remotely

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- June 20 night with his wife on duty, 19 points to her office, want to continue to learn Linux video, while online learning, but do the Linux experiment how to do? Do you want to temporarily securecrt the next Linux remote Connection tool from the Web? It suddenly occurred to you that you can connect remotely using the Telnet tool that comes with your Windows system.

The computer is installed Win7, but the default is not to turn on Telnet, the following steps to turn on Telnet:

1. Open the Control Panel;

2. procedures and functions;

3. Turn Windows features on or off;

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4. Locate the Telnet client, check the 2 items, and then OK;

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Note: If Telnet is the only remote connection server, select Telnet Client.

Remote connection operation steps:

Step 1:telnet

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Step 2:win Client remote connection on Linux server side, enter user name and password:

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Step 3: After successful login, Linux terminal display garbled

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Solution: [[email protected] ~] $LANG = "ZH_CN. GB18030 "

Now you can learn video and do experiments on the remote side.

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Telnet to the Linux server remotely

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