Temp-Chongqing Rural Commercial Bank-various paths

Source: Internet
Author: User

Bytes ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Local SVN: https: // ADM-PC: 8443/SVN/CQ (Zhang fangchong's computer)
User: zyh
SN: zyh
Internet Parameters

Bytes ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Security Assistant
Log on to the cloud
Http: // aspx

Bytes ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Wang Hui MAC address
Zheng Yuehua
Deng Kai

Internet Authentication
Http: //

Wireless Internet access
User: gs00050, SN: 1qaz2wsx
User: 0010048, SN: peng123

Bytes ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Development Environment SVN

Bytes ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Development Environment
Cloud users:
Liu Honglin (User: liuhl), Deng kai (dengkai), zhangsj, chenrong, wanghui, and zhangfc ),
Default password:

Development Machine

Current selfcur
Selfhis history

Page Secondary Development Platform: 8083/webide

Bytes ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Virtual desktop
Address: http: // aspx
Application Server
Server address:
Username and password: wasadm/wasadm
Currently, the industry requires that the product environment be set up only in the wasadm user home directory. Please comply with the regulations.

Bytes --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Database address:
Instance name: oradev
Current Database User: selfcur/selfcur
History Database User: hiscur/hiscur
Currently, the bank only provides the current database and historical database. Please comply with the regulations. Because the company currently has multiple products, please complete database integration for multiple products.

Bytes ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Business Operation Platform
Currently, channels and services are deployed separately. Channel subsystems are installed in/home/wasadm/CHN and business subsystems in/home/wasadm/biz. for specific installation and operation instructions, see 《ilinkinstallation manual. docx.
Command Line to start the channel system: sh/home/wasadm/CHN/bin/run
Run the command line to start the business system: sh/home/wasadm/Biz/bin/run

Project source code is located at: http: // Non-Baseline/2 Project/03 code/Development Branch/ilink_core
Secondary Business Development Platform
See the ilinkdevelopment platform operating manual .docx. The database uses a row-based database.
Project source code is located at: http: // Non-Baseline/2 Project/03 code/Development Branch/ilink_ide
Business monitoring/operation platform
Currently, it is not deployed.

Monitoring Platform source code is located at: http: // Non-Baseline/2 Project/03 code/Development Branch/ilink_monitor
The source code of the O & M platform is located at: http: // Non-Baseline/2 Project/03 code/Development Branch/ilink_ops

Bytes ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Channel Access Platform
Cross-platform deployment adopts the bsstructure, and web servers adopt Tomcat for deployment. The company provides the corresponding war package, which is currently deployed under/home/wasadm/Apache-Tomcat-webserver, use the start command under bin to start.
Command Line startup: sh/home/wasadm/Apache-Tomcat-webserver/bin/Catalina. Sh
Start/stop running in the background: sh/home/wasadm/Apache-Tomcat-webserver/bin/startup. Sh
SH/home/wasadm/Apache-Tomcat-webserver/bin/shutdown. Sh
Currently, the access path is http: // 8082/webserver/

Project source code is located at: http: // system/2 Non-Baseline/2 Project/03 code/vtm. Web. Server
Environment Initialization
Environment variable configuration vtm_env = Trg
Data source configuration webserver/WEB-INF/class/config/Trg/hibernate. cfg. xml
Ilink communication configuration webserver/WEB-INF/class/properties/Trg/vtm. thirdpart. Properties

Else ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Terminal Secondary Development Platform
The secondary development platform of the terminal adopts the bsstructure and tomcat container. Currently, it is deployed in the/home/wasadm/Apache-Tomcat-webide directory. Run the bin command in the Tomcat directory to start the service.
Command Line startup: sh/home/wasadm/Apache-Tomcat-webide/bin/Catalina. Sh
Start/stop running in the background: sh/home/wasadm/Apache-Tomcat-webide/bin/startup. Sh
SH/home/wasadm/Apache-Tomcat-webide/bin/shutdown. Sh
Currently, the access path is http: // 8083/webide/
Access User: webide/123456

Project source code is located at: http: // system/2 Non-Baseline/2 engineering/03 code/vtmops_dev/ops_vtm_wull/OPS-vtm-Web
Environment Initialization
Configure the data source webide/WEB-INF/class/jdbc. Properties

Bytes -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Terminal Monitoring Platform
The bank requires the production application server to use Websphere to publish a war package for deployment.
Project source code is located at: http: // system/2 Non-Baseline/2 Project/03 code/sspm
Original industry applications
Management System
Http: // 7002/
The password is 888888.

OPS-web address released by the Bank:

Http: // 8080/OPS-Web

Username admin 5074723 5074725 all passwords are 123456
He Rong Database


Bytes ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Company's WebSphere console address: 9060/admin
I have released it to server1. no release path is specified.
Our applications are:/opt/IBM/WebSphere/appserver/profiles/127rv01/installedapps/node5node01cell
Log in:/opt/IBM/WebSphere/appserver/profiles/invalid rv01/logs/server1

The Bank's WebSphere console address:
Http: // 9060/admin

I have published it to vtm_web1 without specifying the release path.

Our applications are:/usr/WebSphere/appserver/profiles/vtmtest/installedapps/vtm
Log in:/usr/WebSphere/appserver/profiles/vtmtest/logs/vtm_web1

Bytes ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Bank R & D center location:
4 floor, Fenghuang Block C, No. 30 Qingfeng North Road, high-tech park, North yubei District, Chongqing (the fifth floor is pig Bajie );
Hotel location:
The longhu crystal constellation at No. 162 xinnan Road in the Northern Region is located at the Chongqing Hall (this is a famous one)

Bytes ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Http: //
User name and password
User: gs00050, SN: 1qaz2wsx
User: 0010048, SN: peng123
User: 0009050 Sn: zy630103

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