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2006 is about to pass, a year that is widely seen as a year of new online investment, the rise and growth of newer web technologies and techniques, the Year of growth in the adoption of web standards, and the rise (and decline) of new business models that have never used web energy in this way.

The data from the SitePoint and Ektron surveys, which are provided by the two organizations, illuminate a glimmer of technological evolution. You may wish to follow the author together to look at the scenery around the light, perhaps you will hear your own exclamation, please add to the "future" of the prophecy! Try the network's influence on the trend!

A survey of 2006/2007 web development in SitePoint and Ektron

The 2006/2007 Web Development Survey is a research effort in the Decade to actively advocate and help web developers, designers, and other online professionals sitepoint and Ektron.

SitePoint is a rapidly emerging online media company and a provider of information for Web Professional markets, especially in the area of web development and design. Its website: sitepoint.com, currently ranked first in the global web design and Development > news and Media Classification website, according to Alexa.com data shows that its website is ranked in the top 300 in the world. Sitepoint.com's daily visits are comparable to those of some of the mainstream media groups ' websites.

The SitePoint forum has more than 135,000 registered users, and its news reaches 500,000 subscriptions a month. The SitePoint company has 70,000 customers in 174 countries, with up to 620,000 registered users of trial products, with five sources of revenue: advertising, sponsorship relationships, content-based products (including online and retail products), recent popular video subscriptions, classified lists, and industry reports.

Similarly, Ektron Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998, As the technology and market leader for Web content management software and Web authoring tools based on Cms400.net and Ewebeditpro product lines, these software has been licensed to 10 per thousand of Web professionals to make the Web a more efficient platform for communication and interaction.

The mature partnership between SitePoint and Ektron and their support for the Web professionals community led to the idea at the beginning of 2006: to measure the mass community of Web developers and other Web practitioners around the two organizations in order to find a "time snapshot" ( Snapshot in time, quantify web development tool status, technology, skills, and trends.

The survey was conducted between June 15, 2006 and July 15 for 5,000 web practitioners. We believe this is probably the largest web developer survey ever made, and one of the profound implications of this survey is to reflect the current state of reality and the changes that will occur.

  The compliance status of Web standards

css--the page layout of the light dancing


Fig. 1 distribution map with CSS layout

Comments: CSS layout not only on the page has the effect of weight loss, but also for the unified style, code reuse, browsing access, printing benefits:

1. Speed up Download:

CSS is now faster than tables: because browsers read them two times before displaying the contents of the table, they first complete their structure, and the second time they determine their contents.

The form cannot be displayed in part until the entire table is downloaded and rendered.

Typically, the amount of CSS code is less than a clunky table.

All layout code can be saved to an external CSS file, only once and then cached in the user's browser, and the table layout must be saved in each HTML document and downloaded again each time the refresh is refreshed.

You can control the order in which CSS items are downloaded by using CSS, which allows users to read content before a slow picture download is complete.

2. Be more widely visited:

The number of browsing Web users through handheld devices is increasing. PDA sales will reach 58 million in 2008 (data from Etforecast) and One-third of the world's population will have a wireless device (data from ClickZ). And you can write proprietary handheld devices, additional CSS documents-this CSS document content can be taken from previous CSS documents.

For more information, refer to the CSS for J2ME documentation for J2mepolish.

3. More friendly to search engines:

Search engines crawl through CSS-driven pages more easily than in simple HTML code. In this way, search engines can make more speculative assumptions about web pages (such as guessing the content of a page), so Web pages that use CSS layouts can have a higher ranking in search rankings.

Refer to: SE online magazine.

4. Print Friendly:

When a user chooses to print a page, another set of optional CSS documents can be invoked, which can specify formatting, pictures, hidden navigation, and correct page content that is displayed in the printed version.

Validating HTML code--a cross of multiple browser standards


Figure-2 Application Web page validation distribution map

Comments: Complying with Web standards will lead to a successful web site, "collaborate" more amicably with search engines, fast load pages, reduce server load, be compatible with numerous browsers, and attract a wider range of views.

What is HTML validation (HTML validate)?

It is the process of parsing HTML documents, labeling errors, and non-standard code in a way that is compared to standard HTML rules. Web pages are rendered using HTML, and HTML itself takes the HTML specification as its rules and standards.

Two authoritative HTML authentication Online services are recommended here: the validator of the WDG, the validator of the consortium. Of course, there are more validation tools in development tools: Dreamweaver built-in validators, Eclipse WSVT, and more.

1.WEB Site Accessibility:

Validating HTML code helps you identify small, irregular areas that prevent them from interfering with search engine crawlers or browsers. This allows your site to get more viewers, a wider range of access devices (handheld devices, text browsers, search engines, etc.).

2. Search Engine friendliness:

Clear, crisp code allows search engines to crawl faster and more fully on the page.

3. Faster loading:

If your page contains HTML errors, it will cost the search engine a longer crawl time, so its ranking position will also be lower. More intuitively-if your page is not loaded within 10 seconds, the viewer may leave.

4. Reduce server load:

Concise code does not add to your server's burden as complex code or code that contains embedded tables. Cascading CSS will reduce the amount of code, reduce the need for Web server space and the occupancy of bandwidth, save server memory.

5. Easy to update and maintain the site:

The error-free page code facilitates modification, which means saving time and maintaining funding for site designers.

6. Browser Compatibility:

Verify that the code is guaranteed to be compatible with your current browser. Since we cannot foresee future browser standards, validating code is the best way to grasp future browser standards.

7. More Visitors:

Guaranteed browser compatibility, but also won a large number of visitors, so as to gain more revenue.

  Development Technology Application Trend

XP technology-Unlimited potential, has become a hot technology


Figure 3 Technology map for practice in web development work

Commentary: OOP is still a mainstream technology, and although MVC has a lot of share, the phrase "The user experience is the value of the product" is still being validated. Regardless of any technical theory (including MVC, Ajax, ROR, etc.), it is good technology that can be applied efficiently in rapid development and improve the user experience.

Code Review and unit testing are all concepts in extreme Programming (XP), and I am gratified by the proportions of the graphs: in the development of technology, XP pair programming method has been widely used, I hope that people can also accept and apply them.

What is code Review: in the initial development phase of the source code syntax detection, with a view to discovering and correcting errors, improve code quality activities, often referred to as pair review (Peer Review). Code review often discovers and removes common security vulnerabilities, such as formatting string attacks, competitive conditions, and buffer overflows, thereby enhancing the security of the software.

What is unit testing: cell testing is an activity that verifies that a module of the source code is working properly. Each test instance is independent of each other; a dummy object (mock object) can be used to assist in testing a module in an isolated environment. This is done to separate each part of the program and verify that the independent part is correct.

Pairing programming allows you to catch and fix errors before QA testing, but not only:

1. It reduced the final error content to a satisfactory level, stemming from the adoption of a continuous code review.

2. The use of brainstorming (brainstorm) and pair rotation (pair replay) makes the design more complete and the code length shorter.

3. It is quicker to solve the problem by relying on the knot pair rotation team.

4. Team members are able to learn more about systems and software development.

5. At the end of the project, multiple team members can understand each part of the system.

6. Members learn and talk with each other, providing better information flow and team dynamics.

7. Members enjoy their work more and have a sense of achievement.

This approach is especially useful for a development team that lacks a staff or a shortage of expensive professional test systems and QA.

  Tools Fashion Trends

The King of Dreamweaver--web development tools


Figure-4 tool map used in web development

Comments: DW is very capable, both for web designers and developers are very handy tools, but its syntax automatic hint ability is limited. And for developers, DW's super editing ability also doomed it overkill destiny, this is the text editor and it is one of the reasons.

VS is powerful, but it is constrained by the Microsoft language, unable to stretch out a powerful upper arm to embrace various open source languages.

Here I would like to lament the Eclipse WTP, which provides an HTML editor that can be counted, but pales in comparison, and needs further refinement:

The advantages of 1.Eclipse WTP:

Supports multiple languages such as Java, JavaScript, and ActionScript in the same IDE.

The release mode of "All in one" is that it is easy to install.

The overview view (Outline view) organizes the methods and variables well.

Code hints are provided for JavaScript function.

Provides validation of web pages.

Disadvantages of 2.Eclipse WTP:

Lack of local or online documentation, or even documentation, is very detrimental to beginners.

Language support (such as ASP) is limited and the scalability is weak. Making it possible to support other languages must be added manually, which may be a common problem for HTML editors.

The outline view (Outline view) does not support JavaScript methods and classes.

WTP does not provide a good view of page design.

WTP the page for poor performance.

  Popular trends in web development technology

php--Efficient and stable temple light Cavalry


Figure-5 Web development language Platform distribution map

Comment: It is gratifying to see that PHP as an "open source Evergreen tree" has been so honored. Because of PHP's efficient, versatile, strong adaptability, strong expansion capabilities, so many developers have been favored.

At the same time as the traditional language of ASP and JSP is still a close game, and the brilliance of the epigenetic Ruby can be unlimited, of course, this also benefited from the popularity of Ror. But from Ruby's 5.31% percentage point of view, Ror is not yet the mainstream of enterprise application development.

Why is PHP so prosperous?

1. High efficiency:

The C-language feature has made it highly effective, coupled with a smart engine that supports page template technology, pear that provides code reuse, and a regular expression that replaces the loop, making it more efficient in server-side execution.

2. Wide range of applications:

Server-side scripting-This is the traditional domain of PHP and the most important target area;

Command-Line script--you can write a PHP script and don't need any servers or browsers to run it;

Desktop applications-writing can use PHP-GTK to write desktop applications.

3. Strong Adaptive Ability:

Using PHP, you can choose not only the operating system and the Web server, but also the process and the face of the object, or the combination of the two in order to develop.

4. Strong expansion Capability:

One of the most powerful and notable features of PHP is that it supports a wide range of databases.

PHP also supports the services of countless protocols such as LDAP, IMAP, SNMP, NNTP, POP3, HTTP, COM (Windows Environment), and so on.

And it has an extremely efficient text processing feature that supports parsing from POSIX extensions or Perl regular expressions to XML documents.

If you use PHP in the area of E-commerce, you'll find that its cybercash, Cybermut, VeriSign Payflow Pro, and MCVE functions are very useful for online trading programs.

In addition, eweek website completed the "2006 10 should learn language", but also worthy of everyone as a reference for learning:

1. PHP

2. C #

3. AJAX (asynchronous JavaScript and XML)

4. JavaScript

5. Perl

6. C

7. Ruby and Ruby on Rails (RoR)

8. Java

9. Python

VB.net (Visual Basic. Net)

  aggregating the wheels that drive web operations


Figure-6 current Web application project Technology distribution map

Comments: This shows that, after only 2, 3 years of development, polymerization technology has propped up the helm of the web, along with the rise of Ajax, JavaScript, blogs, wikis, podcast also rely on aggregation technology spread around the world every corner. Flash, though a small share, is slowly moving toward client-side scripting to further improve the elegant user experience.

Back to my previous principle: "The user experience determines the direction of technology development, not the theory." ", the rise of polymerization technology must drive the client and service side of the technology upgrade." I believe that the Web is a structured blog and feed network for the next few years:

Structured blog (structured blog):

A new, experimental blog that eventually transmits information to the Semantic Web (semantic). In particular, it provides self-describing content that can be easily implanted into a Web site or blog, providing a way for bloggers to create and aggregate structured information, such as comments, events, and media.

The difference between traditional blog records and structured blog Records-the latter is published in a computer-readable format that other aggregation services can understand and use to produce event calendars (calendars of events), taskpad (Job boards), book reviews (book reviews) or film and television voting. Of course, structured blogs also follow the RSS and Atom standards. Structured blogs typically deal with structured content formats, such as micro-content (microcontent).

Note: Semantic Web: A project that is based on the World Wide Web, where information is exchanged through the placement of documents that can be processed by the computer, and ultimately a global media semantic. At present, the semantic Web, under the guidance of Mr. Tim Berners-lee of the World Wide Web Association, is expanding the web by using standard, markup language, and related processing tools.

Note: Micro content (microcontent): micro-content is a short form of information published, its length by the topic of the length of the limit and the technical limitations of the software.

Feed Network (Feedmesh):

Feedmesh is a set of technologies used to establish a pair network (peering network), complete notification of distributed Web updates, and release of content. Online service providers using Web aggregation, including PubSub, Feedster, Technorati, Bloglines, and Yahoo, have joined together to develop a standard for sharing Weblog Update Notification Service (a common way of updating Notification Services) ("pings").

It benefits bloggers and aggregator Publishers: faster content Publishing, reliable, scalable Notification Services. For customers with online services, the benefits are bandwidth savings and low latency.

  Ajax becomes a learning trend for developers in the coming year


Figure-7 Web developers want to get a map of the technology from the Web or the publication

Comment: From the distribution map, 47% of the Web developers surveyed wanted more Ajax knowledge through the Web or publications, while nearly 34% and 29% of respondents wanted to get xhtml/css and PHP Web articles or books.

I think: "Web2.0 is so wonderful, this is the result of Web aggregation (syndication) effect." Blogs and wikis are widely used in web writing, and blogs are more popular than wikis because they are more easily aggregated and promoted. Aggregation technology relies on the standards of RSS, Atom, and these standard technical support is xhtml/css/xml, and Ajax for blogs, wikis provide a complete excellent user experience. "

  What will be the next major event in the Web industry?


Figure 8 in the future everyone will be in 15 minutes to become a big star?

Let us take a look at the public opinion in the Sitepoint&ektron survey report, and perhaps after you have read it, you also want to talk about your idea:


-"real-time virtual 3D view and site navigation, you can not only move the mouse pointer on the x, Y axis, but also within the site (Z axis) to move." ”

-"I can't imagine what the next big thing is, and with the trend toward standards, leveraging the technology and semantics that are based on it will help us build a more secure relationship between resources." ”

-"I think we will continue to see the elegance, the functional dominance of the rule." I think those things that are ' hot ' will pass like fashion, and only those that are truly functional, accessible, market-capable, and useful will exist. ”

-"You won't have to search the web for information." Just define what you want and the Web you use to collect these things, and wait for it, for example: as a consumer, I define a monitor I want to buy. This information will be published or collected by potential commodity providers. And they will provide me with product information that makes it easy for me to buy their products. ”

-"In my opinion, the future (web3.0 era?) will focus on content, non-functional. This site can provide visitors with the easiest access to the deepest content. Any other site, including the Copy-cat site that replicates other site practices, will continue to usual. ”

-"The fragrant website uses XHTML2.5 to drive a USB stick installed on a cell phone and PDA or an pheromone transmitter implanted into an SD card." Does it not add a new feature to the picture on the web by installing a capture-flavored expansion card on a digital camera and capturing the taste while taking pictures? While looking at the food picture, how does it smell? and book a location in the restaurant? Wow, the new plane + smell ads!

-"I believe that now the speed of Internet connection is so fast that things like video can be applied to e-commerce sites and service sites." Communicate directly with your customers, earn their trust, and let them know who you are. ”

-"Search engines will take the place of Web and Web content!" More and more search engines and catalogs keep content on Web sites, so no one needs to go to real sites. ”

-"The next big thing in the web is to build a family (or inheritance) portal, where family members or heirs are building a family site together." These sites maintain family information--Save family members ' names, property, photos, etc. in digital format. In this way, the global climate will not destroy or erase the entire family's memory-it will be securely stored on redundant servers and enshrined on the ' Family Vault ' page. You will have a huge pool of data about the relationships between your family and your members. Whether or not the family lives in the same town, the state or the same country, or even the same planet, the information can be directly obtained by linking photos and profiles. It's cool! In addition, a fee-based service can be established: a sample drug signature (mouth swabs) is sent to obtain the DNA sequence of the family member that matches it. and save this information for DNA than for a contingency ... "


Cleverpig's idea:

1.XM Transport Protocol replaces traditional http: "Old http is completely obsolete, and it is replaced by XMTP (extensible Markup Transport Protocol)." This xmtp is designed for the transfer of XML and aggregation, breaking the HTTP bottleneck and being more secure in data transfer. ”

2. Browser manufacturers develop the "XML serialization/deserialization" standard: The mainstream browser will be after the receipt of XML parsing, XML deserialization to support JavaScript or other browser script language object, so that the client directly read the server push over the data, The user's request is serialized and sent to the server.

3. The subscription mode will be converted to "push" mode: The aggregator is no longer a monotonous periodic query server, but the server maintains a list of user subscriptions, as long as the browser can be opened to see their subscription information, no matter when and where, with browser and access to network capabilities. And these messages will be pushed to the client following the server update, effectively ensuring the timeliness of the information. Set up an aggregation server above the above mentioned Feedmesh to provide information retrieval, subscription, push, and receive new information submitted by structured blogs.

4. Browsers are more intelligent: not only should the scope of equipment be expanded to mobile devices, electrical appliances, and more intelligent. For example, by setting the purchase strategy of the refrigerator, it can scan the bar code by RFID when food is put in, record the expiration time, and draw up the function of reminding, while the inventory quantity is not enough to be sent to the grocery store automatically after the owner confirms the order form.

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