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Ten free php development tools and ten php development tools are recommended. Ten free php development tools are recommended. The following describes ten free and powerful php Editor development tools. These editors have debuggers, incremental PHP scripts, 10 free php development tools, and 10 php development tools.

The following describes 10 free and powerful PHP Editor/development tools. These editors provide functions such as debugger, incremental execution of PHP scripts, and viewing all variable values in each row.
1) Notepad ++
Notepad ++ is a distinctive editor that is open-source software and can be used for free. Supported languages: C, C ++, Java, C #, XML, HTML, PHP, and Javascript!Features:
1. Notepad supports up to 27 syntaxes for high-brightness display (including various common source code and scripts. it is worth mentioning that it supports the. nfo file viewing perfectly) and supports custom languages;
2. Notepad can automatically detect the file type. nodes are displayed based on keywords. nodes can be freely folded/opened, and the code is very appealing! This is one of the most distinctive embodiment of this software;
3. Notepad can open two windows, multiple subwindows can be opened in different windows, allow quick switch to full screen display mode (F11), support mouse scroll wheel to change the document display ratio, and so on;
4. notepad provides several special things, such as adjacent line interchange locations, macro functions, and so on... there are a lot of file editors on the Internet, but this is a rare one. whether it is daily use or handwritten programming code, you can appreciate its unique advantages and convenience.

2) PHPDesigner 7
Phpdesigner supports not only php, but also other network languages such as html, xhtml, xml, css and javascript, vbscript, java, c #, perl, and python!
As a lot of free resources can be used together, more and more people are learning PHP web design. mps php designer is a program designed for PHP web pages, it has a series of built-in script codes, PHP4 primitive code database, syntax high-brightness display functions, FTP client... If you are a PHP web design expert or a beginner, you can use software to design Web applications (SQL and HTML are also supported ).

3) Eclipse PDT
Eclipse, an integrated development environment, can implement functions as long as there is a plug-in. The PDT project started very early. Zend Studio for Eclipse is based on this plug-in, coupled with its own debugger. You can also use this plug-in on Eclipse, and then select the debugger to configure your own development environment. As for how to configure it, someone has written their own configuration method on the internet. you can check it for yourself. here we only introduce the tool. this will not be shown below for the moment. Here is a complete configuration package. This is also developed by Zend, because it is free, so it cannot be compared with Zend Studio in use.
But because it isInstall plug-in custom implementation on EclipseYou don't have to install another large software for PHP development, so many people prefer this tool.

4) Bluefish
Bluefish advertised itself as "an editor designed for skilled Web designers and programmers, but its UI is very intuitive and can be quickly used by any beginner, and discover and master other functions in constant accumulation. If you need a text editor that can design Web code, it will certainly be a good software. It gives me the overall impression that my major is not daunting, and the combination of text and icons is good.
Bluefish provides many common HTML task options, such as fonts and tables, and links. this software uses an uncommon "anchor) to indicate the clickable link. The "link description" dialog box even provides Javascript script events such as OnClick and OnMouseover.

5) Notepad2

Notepad2 is an appearanceText Editing tools similar to system notepadBut it is greatly enhanced than notepad.
1. custom syntax highlighting, supports HTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript, VBScript, ASP, PHP, CSS, Perl/CGI, C/C ++, C #, Java, VB, pascal, assembly, SQL, Python, NSIS, INI, REG, INF, BAT, DIFF, and many other script files.
2. support for ANSI, Unicode, UTF-8 and other encoding interchange
3. you can set unlimited bookmarks (9 types of icons can be changed) for easy positioning.
4. space, tab color display, and mutual conversion
5. You can operate any text block, ALT + Mouse

6) HTML-Kit
HTML-Kit allows you to easily edit, search, verify, preview, and publish HTML documents. Features include drag-and-drop editing, color code printing, automatic completion, taskbar, UNIX-style search and replacement, unlimited UNDO, document templates, support for multiple language scripts and CSS, XML, and XHML.

7) PHP Coder
PHPCoder is used for rapid development and debugging of PHP applications. it is easy to expand and customize and fully meets the individual requirements of developers.
1. combined with the PHP compiler and reference documents, you can preview the edited PHP script in real time;
2. HTML and PHP code can be highlighted;
3. the automatic completion function can automatically complete custom code snippets;
4. standard function prompts;
5. dedicated project manager;
6. the object browser searches for the contained information of the file in editing, customizes the function, and displays it in a tree.
7. support searching for symmetric statement tokens;
8. supports advanced search and replacement;
9. built-in FTP functions;
10. support for running and breakpoint debugging.
In short, PHPCoder is a very practical and powerful programming environment, and it is free of charge!

8) PHP Editor
DzSoft PHP Editor is a web page editing software designed for PHP-DzSoft PHP Editor, it has PHP editing, error detection, browsing, original code viewing, file browsing, and customizable original code samples .. you can test the PHP script code without setting up a website host. it is a powerful PHP programming software.


9) NetBeans IDE
NetBeans IDE is an open-source integrated development environment for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Solaris. In addition to fully supporting all Java platforms (Java SE, Java EE, Java ME, and JavaFX, netBeans is also an ideal tool for PHP, Ajax and JavaScript, Groovy and Grails, Ruby and Ruby on Rails, and C/C ++ software development.
The original developer is SUN and is now owned by Oracle.
NetBeans has multiple products. we will introduce these products for PHP. NetBeans for PHP has the following advantages:

  • Chinese interface
  • Completely open-source and free
  • Supports code templates
  • Supports automatic code folding (you can select an area for automatic code folding)
  • Supports code formatting
  • Supports detailed project settings (right-click project properties)
  • Supports Multi-encoding
  • Support FTP management
  • Support for PHP Debugging
  • Supports syntax highlighting customization
  • Support file comparison
  • Search and replace by project
  • Support version control (CVS, Subversion, Mercurial)
  • Support plug-in functions
  • Supports code indent (Tab and Shift + Tab, most editors support these two shortcuts)
  • Support Bracket matching (including braces)
  • Supports real-time syntax error correction
  • Support for PHP, JS, CSS, and mixed-write navigation
  • Support JS compatibility check
  • Supports CSS design
  • Code prompts are supported (enter the "point", ":", "->", and the code is automatically prompted. In other cases, the user determines whether to prompt the code)
  • Supports fast file location (shortcut: Alt + Shift + O, you can quickly find and locate related files in the project through the keyword list)
  • Supports fast type locating (shortcut: Ctrl + O. for JS, you can directly search for the function name containing the keyword and locate it)
  • Supports fast location of symbols (shortcut: Ctrl + Alt + Shift + O, search for attributes, methods, and function names containing keywords for PHP and JS, and locate them)
  • Systems and plug-ins can be automatically updated

The benefits can't be solved. who knows it? you can throw eclipse and zendstudio. this is a bit too much. if you pay for it, the latter can indeed be removed.

10) PS3
Ps3, a super compact and super-suitable php software
Recommended reason: the support for encoding formats is superb. it is easy to make mistakes when writing pure code with DW. for example, if you write a SESSION in DW, an error will be prompted. of course, there are still many advantages that will not be listed one by one.
Disadvantage: there is no code prompt function. However, if you are a veteran, this is not a call, and new users should practice writing code without prompting.
The free editor supports the simplified Chinese interface. It combines the advantages of various editors and allows you to edit multiple files at the same time. you can use the project, built-in HEX editor, built-in HEX editor, and macro recording and usage; supports syntax highlighting and color display, HTML, PHP, Pascal, JScript, VBScript, SQL, Perl, JAVA ...; built-in file comparison tools; supports macro recording and usage; built-in FTP tools; allows you to set external tools for different file types; supports external compilers. However, it seems that the speed of opening files is not as high as that of Editplus.

The above are the 10 php development tools shared for you. the advantages and features of each development tool have been marked for your convenience and hope to help you learn them.

The following describes 10 free and powerful PHP Editor/development tools. These editors have debuggers, incrementally execute PHP scripts ,...

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