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WordPress MU is a multi-user version of WordPress, because the relationship between the program structure, WordPress MU is not necessarily compatible with WordPress plug-ins. WordPress Mu has a global plug-in and for a single site plug-ins, stored in a different directory. /wp-content/mu-plugins/directory is stored in the global plug-in, no need to activate the plug-in blog by default, has been automatically invoked. /wp-content/plugins/directory is stored in the site of Plug-ins, only for a single site effective, such plug-ins and WordPress plug-ins are basically compatible.

For the WordPress MU Global plug-in, is usually the administrator set up, there are many different types, I am here to introduce 10 of my personal feeling the most commonly used global plug-ins, for the vast number of webmaster reference.

Plugin Commander-This plug-in can automatically enable and disable the site-wide plug-ins, almost everyone needs the function, in fact, this plug-in part of the function has been in the latest WordPress MU implementation.

Limit Revisions-Limit article revisions and automatic save features, WordPress 2.6 added post revisions is an annoying feature, so that disabling this feature plug-ins will become a prerequisite.

Menus-You can have site administrators enable or disable certain menu options for the entire station.

New Blog Defaults-this plugin will set a default theme and some default feature settings for all new blogs.

Farm ' s Comment spam pack-the spam and spam blog is all about this plugin.

Sitewide Tags-whole station tag plug-ins, you can get a whole station-wide tag cloud and related articles.

Multi DB-For large blog sites, multiple database plug-ins are inevitable, otherwise your system will die hard to see.

AHP sitewide Recent Posts for WPMU-Get the latest article plugin for the whole station.

WPMU for Dummies:part Deux-veteran can ignore this plugin, but for beginners, this plugin can make your WPMU management more convenient.

Well, the above is 10 of WPMU plug-ins, if you know what other useful wpmu plug-ins, please leave a message to tell me. (VIA)

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