Ten Methods of Tie binding [resend]

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I usually don't pay much attention to dressing up. It is a common person in common people. Sometimes I encounter an important occasion. I often feel helpless. I don't even have to help my wife, so I can't even wear a tie, sweat...

Today, I saw the ten methods of Tie binding on the Internet. If I had been lucky enough, I would like to archive the archive for the future. At the same time, I would like to remind all of you and learn quickly.

1. flattening

One of the most widely used tie styles for men, almost applicable to various materials.

TIPS: the concave holes at the bottom of the bow tie must be balanced and lined on both sides.

2. Crossover

This is a selection of bow ties for low-color, elegant materials and thin ties. For men who like to show their popularity, you may wish to use "Cross knot ".

3. Double Ring

The combination of a delicate tie and a double ring knot can create a sense of fashion and is suitable for young office workers. The character of this bow tie is that the first lap is slightly outside the second lap, so don't cover it.

4. Windsor knot

The Windsor knot is suitable for shirts with a wide collar and should grow horizontally. Avoid a thick tie or a bow tie.

5. Double Cross knot

Such a bow tie can easily make people feel elegant and grand, and is suitable for formal activities. This bow tie should be used in plain and silk ties. If it is used with a big lapel shirt, it is not only suitable but also has a sense of dignity.

6. Conclusion of Prince abot

Applicable to romantic clasp and pointed-out shirts

Soft and thin tie with romantic Materials

The correct method is to reserve a long space at the wide side.

And try to fit together in the second lap

You can complete this perfect knot.

7. Four-handed knot (single knot)

It is the easiest way to get started with all bow ties and applies to romantic series shirts and ties of various styles.

8. Romantic knot

Romance is a perfect knot

It is suitable for various romantic series of collars and shirts

After finishing, press the wide side below the bow tie to narrow down the knot.

The narrow side can also move it to the left and right to make its small part appear next to the wide side tie.

9. Simplified knot (marchef knot)

Suitable for ties with thick materials

Best fit for shirts with standard and buckle neckline

Flip the wide side from top to bottom at 180 degrees

Hide the fold to the backend

Adjust the length of the tie after completion.

Is the most common knot

10. Cross knot (half windsor knot)

This knot is very elegant and rare

The Strategy is also complex.

It is easier to use a thin tie

Best Choice for romantic sharp collars and standard neckline Series

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