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 1, loading

With more than 5 seconds to load, 74% of users will leave the page.

  2, Peak

At around 12 o'clock Noon and 10 o'clock is the peak page visit.

 3, page Heat

Through the user's word of mouth spread of mobile pages, its access to the heat often lasted about two days.

 4, operating habits

Most users are accustomed to sliding the switch, placing the button on the left to a low click rate.

 5. Loss Rate

Users with the depth of the page level and constantly lost, the loss rate in the first few pages the highest.

 6. Loss Rate

Input behavior or complex interaction behavior can lead to user churn.

 7. Conversion rate

From the H5 page to download the app conversion rate averaged 11.3%, with a maximum value of 36.6%.

Led by H5 page to open app The average conversion rate is 17.52%, with a maximum value of 63.83%.

 8. Share Rate

The H5 page has an average sharing rate of 3.93%, with a maximum value of 22.39%.

(Original data: The average rate of H5 pages is 11.69%, the highest value is 43.22%.)

The original data is the page Share button click-through rate, is updated to micro-letter/Hand q in the upper right corner to share the data collected after success. )

 9, Page Life

Long-term, fixed-position resource placement can prolong the life cycle of mobile pages.

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